Anglicare offers specialist disability support

Anglicare Tasmania is delighted to welcome NDIS clients living in the North and North West to its specialist disability support service.

Dr Kristen Foss leads a large team of experienced and qualified practitioners who provide positive behaviour support and psychological services for people with disability, their family members and other networks. She was recently appointed clinical lecturer in the University of Tasmania’s College of Health and Medicine.

“The Anglicare team is proud to be working at the leading edge in this exciting field,” Kristen explains. “Our work is all about supporting people to communicate and participate”.

“We build our understanding of how a person with an intellectual, cognitive or other type of disability may be expressing their needs and wishes,” she said.

“Sometimes a person with disability is telling us they want more choice, or more independence, or to learn new tasks. Once we fully understand their unique needs we can set them on the road to improving their personal relationships and participating in and truly enjoying life.”

Kristen said a comprehensive personal assessment of the person with the disability, their environments and support is the first step. Then, a tailored plan is developed that is regularly reviewed by the specialist team and updated as required.

“The size and skill-set of our team enables us to offer a flexible, accountable service that also represents value for money,” she said.

“The COVID- 19 pandemic gave us the opportunity to develop and fine-tune our online delivery skills. Using this method alongside face-to-face support, we have been able to innovate, while maintaining the high standard of service we provide.”

Ashlee’s story

Like most teenagers, 19-year-old Ashlee enjoys gaming, watching movies and listening to music.

When Anglicare first met her three months ago, Ashlee’s eating habits were of concern to the staff of the home she shares with other residents.

Anglicare’s Clinical Services Team developed a healthy eating program and other strategies to guide the staff in responding to Ashlee’s needs.

Behaviour Support Practitioner Jess Malone reports that the staff are very pleased to see Ashlee coming out of her shell and eating more healthily.

“Ashlee is also becoming interested in selecting foods that she knows her house-mates like, which is a really positive step – we are enjoying working with her very much,” Jess says.

Accessing Anglicare’s services

Anyone who has an NDIS plan with an ‘improved relationship’ or ‘improved daily living’ line item is able to access an Anglicare practitioner.  You can find out more about our service here or by telephoning us on 1800 243 232.

Photo: A warm welcome to new clients: Anglicare’s Clinical Support Team members (from left) Sophie Lawless (South), Zoe Claudio (North and North West), Jess Malone (North and North West), Kristen Foss (State Manager) and Rachel Barac (South.)  The team also includes Alex Hunn (North and North West).


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