Clinical support services

Supporting the most complex needs of adults and children.

Our team of clinically trained psychologists and qualified behaviour support practitioners will work together with you to find a solution that supports your choices and needs.  We don’t just deliver positive behaviour support, our level of expertise means we develop individually tailored positive behaviour support plans.

We have a large team so we can help you wherever you live in Tasmania, and best of all, your waiting times are reduced.


We specialise in supporting people with complex needs:

  • Developmental disability
  • Psychiatric disability
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Autism.

NDIS support category: Improved Daily Living (counselling and assessment)

NDIS support category: Improved Relationships (behaviour support)

Developing positive behavioural support plans

Behavioural support helps us understand why a person may display inappropriate, challenging or unsafe behaviour.

The first thing we will do is put together an assessment so that we can understand what the person is communicating through their behaviours.

To do this we would:

  1. Look at relevant reports
  2. Talk with the person, their family or networks
  3. Spend time with the person in the places they spend time – school, home, work or out and about.

There are lots of things to consider and the suggested strategy or solution will be different for every person.

Some of the things we might suggest include:

  • Skills training – learning other ways to express or communicate
  • Communication training
  • Changes to the home or environment
  • Ways to respond safely if the person continues to use the behaviour

Our services

  • Therapy services

    Many NDIS participants have some type of therapy included in their plan.

    These can include psychological therapy services, both counselling and assessment, for your individual needs.

  • State-wide services including Telehealth

    Our team are based in key locations in the south and north of Tasmania that allow us to deliver services right across the state.

    We can deliver services directly to you through:

    • Face to face meetings – in home or in office
    • Online – via Zoom meeting or phone call
  • Self-funded or private customers

    We welcome private customers, both individuals and organisations.

  • Behaviour training for allied health

    Your team may need education and training to successfully implement recommended strategies. Our team are able to make sure everyone understands the plan and how to make it successful.

    We can also provide training in the areas of:

    • Social skills development
    • Anger management
    • Sexuality and relationships.

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