Financial counselling

Anglicare makes it easy to get help and explore options when challenges relating to money make life difficult.

Financial counsellors provide a free, independent and confidential service. They can help you organise your budget, suggest ways to manage your debt and refer you to other useful services. Financial counsellors can assist in matters around consumer credit law, debt enforcement practices, bankruptcy, industry hardship policies and government concessions.

The Financial Counselling Service is funded by the State and Commonwealth governments.

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Assisting you to deal with debt and organise your finances

Our counsellors can provide information about:

  1. Your options to deal with debt
  2. Negotiating with creditors
  3. Your rights and responsibilities as a consumer
  4. Accessing your superannuation
  5. Bankruptcy and its alternatives
  6. Referral to legal services if needed
  7. Money management and budgeting

You can meet with counsellors in Hobart, Glenorchy, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie and they regularly visit further afield in the regions and the Tasmanian prisons.

Community-based organisations can request education sessions for their members about any finance related issue.




This is a free statewide service.

Referral process

Simply call the Financial Helpline.

Call on 1800 007 007


The Financial Counselling Service is funded by the State and Commonwealth governments.

My ex-partner and her mother stayed at my house for a while and when I got the power bill it was over $700! Without the counsellor's help I'd be in the dark by now.

When I contacted the financial counselor he talked to me about “affordability” and that really helped. I told him I was paying back a rent debt because of my ex, but that I’d have that cleared up in a couple more fortnights. I was also paying a loan which was going to be finished in August. I didn’t want to start any more payments until then.

The counselor said that my power company would want regular fortnightly payments to cover the minimum cost for the power that I use. We figured out I could do $30 to $50. The counselor rang my power company and found out that my usage is $57 and then he talked about my situation with my power company’s hardship program. They ended up agreeing to one payment now and then I’d call early August and set up payment plan.

Gambling support

If you or your loved ones are affected by gambling, you can access the Gamblers Help service. You can receive free personal or family counselling and group support. You can learn strategies to help yourself or others get a grip on their gambling.

Gambling can quickly get out of control. The odds are against you and in the long run, you’ll never get ahead. It’s designed that way.

If you’d like to arrange a self-exclusion order barring you from gambling areas in Tasmania, we can arrange that and provide support and encouragement. If you are a community member in a locality that has a gambling issue, we can arrange an educational workshop.


Accessing the Gamblers Help service

This statewide service is free.

We offer services to the West Coast, Circular Head, Greater Launceston, East Coast and Greater Hobart areas.

Call Gamblers Help – 1800 858 858

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