So why choose Anglicare?

Your life. Your wellbeing. Your independence.

Anglicare provides a range of services to help you remain independent and connected to your local community.

We are an approved provider for all levels of home care package funding. As your needs change, you can receive extra services and still have them delivered by the team you know and trust.

With Anglicare as your provider, you will know exactly what deductions will be made and how much government funding is then available for you to spend on your services and supports.

Home care package fact sheet

About Anglicare

Anglicare is a not-for-profit organisation

Anglicare has a statewide workforce, so even if you move location you can stay with Anglicare

When you call us on our free call number you are speaking to a person in Tasmania

Anglicare can provide additional services for you or someone you care about – pastoral care, mental health, financial counselling, housing and homelessness, and drug and alcohol services.


About our care managers

Care managers are clinically trained to monitor your health in the comfort of your own home.

Our clinical care managers can attend to dressing wounds, helping with continence, special diets and using equipment.

Our clinical care managers can assess you for the dementia supplement in the comfort of your own home.

Our clinical care managers can provide end of life care in your home.

Our clinical care managers will arrange services for you from other providers if asked.


About our support staff

Your support team have a minimum of a Certificate III in Community Care.

Your team support your independence within a quality and wellness framework.

Your support team are qualified to assist you with medication and are trained in first aid.

Your support team will be in a smart uniform and will show you their photo ID.


About our fees and charges

We do not charge:

a basic daily fee

extra fees for buying services from other providers or external purchases

additional travel costs for our staff to arrive at your home to deliver your support

an exit fee

an additional yearly assessment cost.

Care management and package management depends on the level of home care package.

Please call us for further information.


Questions for other providers

What type of organisation are you, not-for-profit or for-profit?

Do you operate statewide?

If I call your organisation, will I speak with someone in Tasmania?

What additional services can your organisation provide?




Questions for other providers

What qualifications do your care managers hold?

If I need specialised care such as dressing wounds, do you have clinical staff to do this?

Do you have staff qualified to do a dementia assessment?

Can you provide this service in your organisation?

Does your organisation arrange staff and services from other providers?



Questions for other providers

Are ALL your support staff qualified?

What training do you give your staff?

Are your staff qualified to help with my medication?

How can I identify your staff when they come to my house?




Questions for other providers

How much do you charge me for the basic daily fee?

Do you charge a fee or mark-up if I wish to buy services from another provider or external purchases?

How much do you charge per km for staff to come to my home?

Do you charge a fee if I decide to leave your service, and if so how much is it?

Do you charge extra for annual assessments?

Are your Care Management costs fixed and how much comes out of my budget for this service?

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We also provide self-funded services where no assessment, including financial, are required.


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