Support After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Anglicare Tasmania is a registered rehabilitation support service provider for the Motor Vehicle Insurance Board (MAIB)

Our experienced and professional team will take the time to listen, understand and deliver the support that’s right for you.

Whether you need short-term support or complex care, we have you covered.

We care about getting to know you and supporting your quality of life.

Anglicare is Tasmania’s most experienced MAIB registered service provider. We’re serious about providing excellent, high quality support.


MAIB Brochure

Our supports

We are here to support your rehabilitation and strengthen your independence.

Our MAIB supports include:

  • Assistance with household tasks, personal care and day-to-day activities
  • Specialist health services such as physiotherapists and exercise physiologists
  • Personalised nursing support
  • Transport to and from appointments.

Anglicare provides more than MAIB supports. As one of our State’s most trusted community service organisations, Anglicare Tasmania can connect you with a whole range of useful services such as financial counselling and family support.

When you choose Anglicare, you choose quality. We adhere to strict industry standards and accreditation including the Australian Community Industry Standard (ACIS) and the  International Standards Organisation (ISO). We hold national certification and our services are independently assessed.

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