Start a career with Anglicare

Thank you for expressing an interest in working for our organisation. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and pride ourselves on the quality of staff that we employ.

We are also “committed to leading an organisation that supports all people who work here to find purpose and balance in life,” says CEO, Dr Chris Jones. “To serve the community to the best of our abilities, it’s vital that we look after the wellbeing of ourselves and each other. That includes providing the people who work for Anglicare with opportunities to keep learning and developing their skills and talents”.

Anglicare Tasmania is an Employer of Choice

Anglicare has been named an Employer of Choice by the Tasmanian Government for demonstrating contemporary workplace practices and outstanding support for staff.

The Employer of Choice Awards recognise and promote Tasmanian organisations that successfully attract and retain skilled employees.

Anglicare’s entry in the awards was assessed by an independent judging panel comprising representatives from Skills Tasmania and a selection of other EOC organisations.

The entry noted that Anglicare has generous study leave entitlements, provides free training for various qualifications, and offers a range of other professional development opportunities.

The organisation has a staff awards program, as well as the annual Jerrim Fellowship which is a scholarship that can be used to visit projects or services, attend a conference, do an internship or complete a training course.

Our recruitment process

All positions that we advertise have a defined closing date, please ensure you check that the position you are interested in is still open and you have time to submit your application. We don’t accept late applications unless there are exceptional circumstances. Our Human Resources Unit will determine if a late application will be accepted.

It is important that you read our vacancy advertisement carefully regarding the type of information you should supply in your application. Some vacant positions such as Support Workers only require you to provide an up-to-date Resumé, or a covering letter and a Resumé.

  • Pre employment requirements

    All Anglicare staff require a national Police certificate. The purpose of a national police record check (NPRC) assessment is to determine if the applicant is a fit and proper person in that the person:

    • Is capable of providing an adequate standard or care in relation to Anglicare services.
    • Understands the needs of consumers, customers and their children when applicable.
    • Is of good character and is suitable to be entrusted with the care of consumers, employment, placement or volunteering with Anglicare.
    Registration form ID certification Registration form ID certification


    Anglicare is committed to the safety and protection of vulnerable people, including all children and young people, who are involved in our activities, services and programs. All employees are required to have an up-to-date Working with Vulnerable People Registration.

    Register Register

    Anglicare is committed to providing employees and volunteers with a working environment that is safe for them. All employees and volunteers are required to undertake a medical assessment prior to commencing employment.

    Where it is identified that current employees or volunteers are at risk of injury, Anglicare may require a further medical assessment at any time.

    Anglicare will cover the cost of the medical assessment.

    Medical assessment Medical assessment
  • Resumé

    Ensure your Resumé has up to date information, it should contain:

    • your personal information (date of birth and marital status are not necessary), address and contact details (i.e mobile phone number, email address)
    • qualifications and certificates that you feel are relevant to the job
    • previous employment history
    • referees (however, you may like to provide referees on request).
  • Cover letter

    The purpose of a cover letter is to:

    • introduce yourself to Anglicare
    • provide the reason why you wish to apply for the job
    • detail your experience
    • outline why you believe you are suited to the position.

    You may also want to provide a brief explanation of your current employment situation, for example, where you currently working and why you are looking for a new job.

  • Statement addressing the competencies or selection criteria

    Where we require applicants to provide statements addressing the competencies or the selection criteria contained in a position description, please ensure that these are provided.

    Applications that don’t provide statements greatly reduce the chance of being shortlisted for interview.

    All of our position descriptions contain a section of competencies or selection criteria. These are the main criteria regarding what we require in terms of experience, knowledge and skills. When addressing a competency, please provide examples of how you believe you meet the competency.

    For example, if a competency requires demonstrated experience in the use of computers and computer software, provide examples of what programs you have experience with and what type of work you have processed using a particular program.

  • What happens after you submit your application?

    After the applications are closed they are collated and entered into our recruitment spreadsheets. At this stage you will receive an acknowledgement via email advising that we have received your application. Applications that we receive by post will receive a letter advising as such.

    This spreadsheet along with the applications are then sent to the selection or interview panel for assessment and eventual shortlisting. Depending on the volume of applications received this process could take up to 2 weeks from the closing date.

    The selection/interview panel will contact shortlisted applicants and invite them for interview. All other applicants will be advised via email by the HR unit in regard to the status of their

  • Selection or interview panel

    The selection or interview panels may consist of a chairperson (usually a Manager or Co-ordinator of where the vacancy exists) and subject matter experts (this could include a representative from Human Resources). Where possible all selection/interview panels are gender balanced.

    The members of the panel are required to declare any conflict of interest or make other panel members aware if an applicant is known to each other.

    Depending on the level of a conflict of interest, the panel is to determine the affects of the conflict of interest and where necessary replace the panel member/s. The shortlisted applicants are also advised who the members of the interview panel are and invited to declare if a conflict of interest exists or if they are known to a panel member/s. Where this occurs the applicant may object for that member to take part on the panel. This will not have a bearing on the outcome of the interview.

    Applicants not shortlisted for interview will be advised by email once a shortlist has been complete.

  • Successful applicant interview

    Depending on referee reports, the successful applicant/s will be advised by a member of the selection panel and given a verbal offer for the position. If accepted, the potential new employee will receive a formal written offer and associated paper work. The formal offer is again dependent on successfully meeting our pre-employment requirements such police checks, medical assessment, etc.

    On the 1st April 2016, it is a policy requirement that all potential employees have a Working with Vulnerable People card from the Tasmanian Department of Justice.

  • Unsuccessful applicant interviews

    A panel member will also contact the unsuccessful interviewed applicants and where required, provide feedback on the interview.

    If you have been unsuccessful in applying for a particular position with Anglicare, please do not let it deter you from applying for other positions as they arise.

  • Anglicare's code of conduct

    The Code of Conduct provides reasonable expectations of how employees, volunteers and students are to conduct themselves in their interpersonal interactions with fellow employees, stakeholders and clients.

    Anglicare is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all who access our service, including children and young people, and we will act without hesitation to ensure client safety is maintained at all times. We support the rights and wellbeing of all Anglicare employees, volunteers and students; encouraging their active participation in building and maintaining a safe environment for all people who access our services.

    Anglicare's Code of Conduct