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Working for a just Tasmania

About Us

Anglicare Tasmania is a non-profit organisation providing a wide range of community services to the people of Tasmania. We are part of the national Anglicare Australia network of organisations.

Anglicare advocates for social justice and aids people in times of need. We provide a broad range of support services including: Home Care, Aged Care and Wellness; Disability Services, Children, Young People and Families; Housing and Homelessness; Alcohol and Other Drugs, Mental Health including NDIS services;  Gamblers Help and Financial Counselling.

Over the years we've provided essential help and services to many Tasmanians, and we are consistently monitoring current and future needs.

If you or someone near you is in need of help please visit our Find A Service listing.

Anglicare is honoured to work with many passionate and skilled volunteers and staff, and is aided greatly by charitable donations. If you find yourself in a position to help us, please visit the Get Involved page.

Learn More

We work closely with many government and non-government organisations throughout Tasmania, and are linked to the Anglicare Australia network and the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania. You can learn more about these relationships at Our Partners and in more detail about our relationship with the Anglican Church at Church Partners.

To learn more about the motivations, ethics and concepts at the heart of Anglicare Tasmania, please visit Our Mission and Values page. To learn about the Members of the Board of Management, please take a moment to meet Our Board.

The story of Anglicare is the story of thousands of individual people coming together for the wellbeing of all. Anglicare Tasmania has been engaged in community service for several decades, and you can learn about some of the milestones on this journey at Our History.

Tasmania is home to diverse cultures and perspectives. Yarnin' up is a group of Aboriginal elders and staff from Aboriginal services. They consider and advise on a variety of issues to inform Anglicare’s ongoing partnership with, and service to, the Aboriginal community. You can learn more at Yarnin' Up Aboriginal Advisory Group.

We are devoted to providing community service with respect, dignity and discretion. You have rights and an expectation of privacy. These are of the utmost importance, and you can learn more at Your Rights and Your Privacy.

A Personal Message

Please read a letter from Chris Jones, CEO of Anglicare Tasmania -  A message from Chris Jones, CEO.