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Anglicare supports improvements for children in care.

Anglicare Tasmania welcomes the recommendations put forward by the Commissioner for Children and Young People in his review of out-of-home care.

“This report highlights the gaps in the current out-of-home care system when it comes to accountability and listening to the voices of children,” said Daryl Lamb, Acting CEO Anglicare Tasmania.
“When the State takes children into its care, it must fully accept that it has parental responsibility for those children and we as a community must be able to hold them accountable to fulfilling that responsibility,” said Mr Lamb.
“Independent oversight, transparency of data, and mechanisms for the voices of children to be heard are all essential for ensuring accountability and protecting children in the system.  
“We are heartened by the Government’s response to the report and its commitment to implement all recommendations.
“These changes will improve the lives and outcomes of children in out-of-home care in this State,” said Mr Lamb.