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Boats, balls, boxes and Bathurst

In 2004 Garry Reynolds was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Western Australia that left him with a significant brain injury. Garry has tackled the challenges with determination and hope, embracing life and living it to the full.

Garry Reynolds enjoying life and over-sized cars“I’ve progressed well in supportive housing and enjoy getting out in the community,” said Garry. “The Anglicare support staff are helpful and they encourage me to achieve my goals.”

“I can be a little difficult to understand verbally. I ask people to please be patient or use my iPad, as this has been supplied to help with my communication. Alternatively, I can just write on a note pad,” he said.

Garry has several interests which keep him active and engaged in the community. Over the past twelve months he has taken up sailing and loves being out on the water.

“My longest sailing trip was down the Derwent River to South Arm and Blackmans Bay,” he said.

An avid North Melbourne supporter, over the past eight years Garry has attended every football game ‘the Roos’ have played in Hobart.

A regular participant at his local Men’s Shed, Garry enjoys making wooden trucks, chopping boards and toys for his grandson.

“I’ve made a chair for my Mum for Mother's Day as well as a jewellery box for her birthday,” said Garry. “I get great enjoyment making gifts for others and I like the company of the other men at the Shed.”

With a keen interest in motor sports Garry loves to go to Symonds Plains, Baskerville, and to the Speedway at Sorell Creek. 

“I’ve been to Bathurst twice with my Anglicare support worker, which was fantastic,” he said. “I also enjoy photography and take lots of photos wherever I go.”

With the benefit of weekly swimming and hydrotherapy Garry is confident getting about. “I walk well with a walking frame,” he said.

“I have a busy life at the moment enjoying many different interests and hobbies. Best of all, I know that with the support I receive I can do anything that takes my interest.”

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