Christmas Appeal 2017

"I see children who have given up on Christmas....but I won't give up on them".

Anglicare worker at crisis accommodation facilityThese are real comments from Tasmanian children:

"Christmas? Who cares? It's just another messed up day"

"Last Christmas I was by myself because none of my family wanted to be with me".

'I hate Christmas. It's a day for everyone to get drunk and fight'.

Anglicare workers see children who have given up on Christmas.

These vulnerable young people have learned from experience not to expect good things from anyone else. Other people hurt you. These children need more than words.

Anglicare helps with basics like shelter, food and clean clothes.

But there's no quick fix for a child recovering from trauma. Children need long-term, consistent, caring relationships. At Anglicare, we believe no child should be put in the 'too hard' basket. We're determined to show hurting children that the world is not all bad.

We want all Tasmanian children to look forward to Christmas...and to know that joy, peace, hope and love, are more than words.

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