Embracing portability

Aged care reforms are giving older Tasmanians increased choice regarding their home care services.

Connie Bruckard speaking at Anglicare's aged care information session.Home care packages are no longer allocated to a service provider. People assessed and allocated funding for a home care package are able to choose their preferred provider who will deliver their package of support.

New legislation also provides greater choice and control for people already receiving a home care package.

Portability, which came into effect on February 27, gives consumers the ability to change providers if they are not satisfied with the service that they are receiving or if that service does not meet their needs.

Anglicare staff have been busy travelling Tasmania sharing information about how these changes might affect people and answering questions.

Wednesday February 15 saw the roadshow begin in Claremont. About twenty-five older people gathered to hear Connie Bruckard, General Manager of Senior Services, speak about home care packages and Anglicare’s senior services.

Interestingly, most people in the room did not receive any home care service and Connie was quick to point out that most of them would qualify.

“The session was most interesting and informative,” said Joan Aspinall. “I had no idea that Anglicare delivered aged care services, and it’s a real relief to know exactly where to go to get help in the future if we need it.”

“I learnt a lot from this session. I knew nothing about My Aged Care, I had never even heard about it before,” said Pam Cooper.

“After hearing Connie speak I realised that I was actually eligible for care for myself, not just for my husband,” said Pam. “I was straight onto the My Aged Care number and someone is coming out to talk to me.

“Generally people were surprised by what services and how much assistance was available. We all appreciated Connie’s passion, but most of all it was the information that was shared,” she said.

“I was amazed to hear that Anglicare has qualified and trained staff as well as nurses who can provide nursing services in the comfort of your own home, and end-of-life care if needed,” said Pam.

Connie explained how the Home Care Package money could be spent on the type of care that is important to the client.

“If being social and meeting with friends or going to church is important, you can spend your package money on taxi vouchers to get you there,” said Connie.

“If having a massage is important because it relieves your painful back and helps you to live your life better, you can use your package to pay for that.

“We have bought walking shoes for clients, sporting memberships to allow use of a pool for hydrotherapy or exercise classes, and iPads so people can stay connected with family.

“You can’t pay for an overseas holiday, but if something helps you live life better, and helps you to stay in your own home and reach your goals, your budget can cover that,” she said.

“People choose Anglicare because we are a trusted local not-for-profit aged care provider with solid industry experience and efficient practices that guarantee more services through low package costs.

“Anglicare’s aged care services was an early adopter and champion of consumer-directed care believing that you have the right to make decisions about your own life,” said Connie.

Connie confidently concluded, “Anglicare Tasmania is leading the way in community aged care”.


Anglicare’s roadshows continue around the state with meetings in:

Burnie - March 16

Devonport - March 17

Kingston - March 22

From April to June information sessions will also be held at LINCs.

If you are interested in attending please call Tahlia on 1800 466 300.

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