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Engaging Adolescents™ Parent Course

Parenting skills for resolving teenage behaviour problems


  • Some common ground shared by parents & reasonable expectations to hold about adolescents.
  • New understandings of adolescence.
  • A three-option model & flow chart for decision-making.
  • Self check-in, first – for parents.
  • Building relationship with your teenager and making the best of your non-crisis conversations with them.
  • Skills for tough conversations for handling those problems you just can’t ignore.

What parents have said…

A step dad recalled an incident at the weekend with his 12 year old step daughter. He said that the input he had received the previous week from the course helped him keep his cool and brought a more favourable outcome.
A single Mum who had presented as quite anxious on the first night told the group in week 2 that she had made an appointment with her 15 year old son during the week and had had a far more favourable discussion with him than would previously have been the case.
  • An end to the arguing and yelling!
  • It saved our lives
  • Simple, sane, effective

About the course

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