Fishy business

The fishing adventure that was a year in the making finally arrived. Michael and his Anglicare support worker Max Zimmerli set off on their five day holiday to visit Launceston, the North and North East of Tasmania.

Michael with his family. “The water temperature determines the fish species you catch,” said Michael. “I loved driving around the State with Max to various locations and catching different species of fish.”

“Launceston was our base camp for a couple of days. We were warmly welcomed at Neena, a supported residential home. From there we did our grocery shopping and checked out our local surroundings,” said Max.

“We were up bright and early on our second morning and travelled to Beauty Point and fished from the jetty. There was a heavy downpour and although we had some good strikes we didn’t managed to land a fish. Michael suggested we go further north to get away from the rain so we moved on to Clarence Point.

“Here we decided to run lures, rather than using hooks. After a couple of strikes I landed a nice black-back salmon but released it to grow bigger for someone else to catch.

“After a visit to Kelso and Green Beach, hoping to leave the rain behind, Michael asked if we could go to Port Sorell. Neither of us had been to Port Sorell in twenty years. Michael was happy to see and take it all in. After a long day we headed back for dinner and some rest to be ready for the following day.

“We visited the Blue Lake near Gladstone, where we took many great pictures, before driving to Bridport for another spot of fishing,” said Max.  “We completed a full loop around Mt Cameron and back to Kings Meadows seeing lots of different places on the way.

“Michael's sister had invited us to stay with her at Scottsdale so our fourth day was a most memorable one. The hospitality was wonderful and seeing Michael so happy and enjoying himself with his family will be an experience that I will never forget.”

Max had something extra special in store for the last day of their holiday adventure. He had pre-arranged to take Michael to a lake that caters for people with a disability.

“I delighted in seeing Michael having so much fun. He caught three good sized rainbow trout which we took home and cooked for dinner. Michael’s housemate was most impressed,” said Max.

“Trout have a great fighting spirit so it is fun to try to catch them. It is also my favourite fish to eat,” said Michael.

“I have already begun organising my next trip,” he said. “Next time I would like to fish at the Salmon Ponds, Ansons Bay and Lake Pedder.”

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