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Fun game has important purpose

Anglicare has showcased a new tool to measure the wellbeing of children.

Creatures from Rumble's Quest gameThe interactive computer game Rumble’s Quest  was launched at a special event in Launceston March 1 and now available for the first time in Tasmania.

Its developers from Griffith University explained the game’s features to schools and other community partners committed to the Every Child Succeeds initiative in Launceston Tamar Valley. This movement is working to ensure all local children grow up loved and safe, healthy, participating, learning, with material basics and a positive sense of culture and identity.

“Anglicare has provided funding towards the developmeGirl avatarnt of Rumble’s Quest and the associated support materials for teachers and schools,” said Sharon Dutton, Coordinator of Anglicare’s Children and Community programs.

“There is a real cross-over between health and learning,” said Sharon. “A child who is dealing with traumatic stuff may be physically present in a classroom but not able to learn effectively. Rumble’s Quest can help schools to measure the wellbeing of children, run particular interventions to give support…and then take measurements to see if wellbeing has increased,” she said. “It’s the first time we’ve had access to a tool that can measure these things in a reliable, statistically valid way”.

Dr Kate Freiberg, a Senior Research Fellow at Griffith University said the game was suitable for use with children aged 5 to twelve. Rumble’s Quest gives children an opportunity to report their own feelings and sense of wellbeing in relation to school and relationships.

“Children love playing this game and become quite engaged,” said Kate. “In the testing we did with over 300 children, their response was overwhelmingly positive  - in fact we had some who tried to sneak back and have a second turn at playing!” she said.

“When the game starts the child is transported into a new world where they meet a group of curious but timid folk who are afraid to venture beyond the fortressed walls of their village,” she said. “The child is asked to find a way through the village walls to go to the aid of a creature called Rumble and help it hatch out of its egg. Then together they go on a quest to return to Rumble’s homeland, overcoming obstacles, playing games, and getting to know each other along the way. After finding Rumble's family, they eventually return to the village, solving problems faced by both the creatures and the villagers to everyone's mutual benefit”.


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