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Give HOPE today!

Some things just work better together; bread and butter, cheese and biscuits or fish and chips. Whilst these things are good on their own, when they’re together they are just better.

Mother and young son looking and smiling at youYou and Anglicare are good on our own; but when it comes to supporting Tasmanians in need, we’re just so much better when we work together.

Your gift today will provide choice, support and hope for all Tasmanians – no matter their age or situation.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Perhaps you could consider giving a small amount regularly, or even leaving a legacy in your Will – after you’ve taken care of your family and friends first.

Here are three simple ways to send your gift of HOPE to Anglicare today:

  1. Online via 

  2. Mail: Anglicare, Reply Paid 1620, Hobart Tas 7001

  3. Phone: 1800 243 232 (free from landlines and mobiles)

Thank you for your gift of hope - Because everyone needs a bit of help every now and then.

Workplace giving

Your workplace can set up payroll deductions to ensure regular, simple donations to Anglicare. To find out more, please use our contact details at the Contact Us page.

Wills and bequests

Thank you for considering Anglicare Tasmania as you prepare your will.

By leaving money or other assets by a bequest in your will, you will leave a legacy that supports the work of Anglicare Tasmania into the future. 

This can be done either as you draw up your will for the first time or by a simple process of amending your existing will. The wording required to make a bequest to Anglicare Tasmania is as follows:

'I bequeath ............... to Anglicare Tasmania Inc. to advance their work and declare that the signature of the Chief Executive Officer shall be an absolute discharge to my Executors and/or Trustees.'

When drawing up or amending your will, it is recommended that you seek professional legal advice.