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Marcus lives in a shared home at New Town. He has embraced improvements Anglicare has introduced in the way we support clients to achieve their individual goals.

Looking out the plane window at the sunsetThree years ago was the last time Marcus visited his mum who lives in Victoria. He did this with the assistance of a support worker.

Late last year Marcus expressed his desire to spend a week with his family over the Christmas period and that he would like to do this more independently.

Marcus used the recently purchased house iPad to identify the flights he would book. He also went online to compare and choose a mobile phone plan that suited his needs as he felt that with a mobile phone he could contact staff if required during his holiday.

Staff transported Marcus to and from Hobart Airport and he negotiated check in and departure. 

Marcus phoned staff from Tullamarine Airport to say he had arrived and that he was just getting in his ride to Rosebud and he would call again in a few days time.

“A highlight was just simply lying down at night and feeling completely relaxed after a big day," said Marcus.

On his return trip home Marcus called staff to say that his flight was delayed and gave a new time for staff to meet him at Hobart airport.

Marcus reported that he had an awesome time with family and relatives that he had not seen for years and is looking forward to doing it again this Christmas.

“The best part of my holiday was getting to see my young nephew and niece, even though they were very noisy, and also getting to stay a night with my dad,” said Marcus.

“Everyone should have a holiday, all you have to do is plan it properly and also have a mobile phone just in case you need it.

"On my next holiday I would like to go camping in a tent. I am undecided at the moment if it will be in Tasmania or interstate,” he said.

“The independence Marcus experienced through this trip was a quantum leap for him in exercising greater choice and control in decisions that impact on his life,” said Rob Haas, Anglicare’s Residential Services Manager South. “It’s certainly worth celebrating!”

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