New beginnings

In the lead-up to Homelessness Week (August 7-13), discover how one of Anglicare’s supported accommodation services is linking people with jobs, training and volunteering opportunities.

Anglicare's Gary Bennett at Bayview LodgeAround the state, Anglicare is helping to deliver affordable, long-term communal housing for people on low incomes.

One of the houses we manage is Bayview Lodge on Hobart’s eastern shore.

Many of Bayview’s residents have experienced homelessness in the past – but are now seizing new opportunities.

“People need a stable base to be operating from,” said Anglicare’s Gary Bennett. “Here at the Lodge all of the basic life needs are met – shelter, a warm bed and three meals a day. But it’s more than that. This is a place for people to recover their self-esteem and confidence in a supportive environment. That includes the feeling of being valued,” Gary explained.

“Some people have experienced situations where they feel they haven’t been treated fairly by life. They need a chance to get back into the swing of things. Living at Bayview is a safe environment where residents can start to think and plan what they would like to do”.

Gary said Bayview residents were supported to meet their own goals. “Once people can relax knowing that they’ve got a home base, they can start to set goals. This might mean finding a job, taking part in a TAFE course or volunteering in the local community”.

Resident Stephen Rowston is employed part-time at a commercial laundry. “I find the job interesting,” he said. “I like the people there. Having a job makes life go a bit better”.

Anglicare has supported Stephen with planning and budgeting. “I catch the bus so I need my bus fares,” he said. “I don’t earn much but I am saving my money. I want to save up for a car”.

Gary said residents at Bayview also encouraged each other. “That’s one of the advantages of living in a community,” he said. “One person having a go at something can promote interest from others”.

“It’s great to see Stephen head off to work. We’re all very proud of him”.



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