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Recognising those who are walking the talk

The Values in Action Awards are your opportunity to recognise the integrity and professionalism of team-mates.

Values in Action Awards 2017 poster“Our staff survey showed that people who work at Anglicare do so because they want to make a difference for others,” said CEO Chris Jones. “People genuinely admire colleagues who are guided by the values of respect, compassion, hope and justice. They see them as people prepared to ‘walk the talk’ even when they face obstacles in doing so.”

Members of the Anglicare Board recently visited some of our workplaces around the State and reported how impressed they were seeing evidence of Anglicare’s values in action.

“In one afternoon we saw all of the Anglicare values in action – not because anyone said this had to be so but because it was part of the DNA of the organisation,” said Rosemary Callingham, Chair of the Anglicare Board.

“The staff were vibrant, loving and caring but also highly professional. The standout feature was the respect that everyone showed – staff and residents.

“The staff particularly knew and understood every one of the people they worked with. There was absolutely no judgement – just enormous compassion and an understanding of the kind of support that was needed. It was a genuinely humbling experience,” said Rosemary.

The Values in Action Awards highlight excellence in five categories linked with the core values of Anglicare.  The awards are made once a year and are the highest accolades in our organisation.

The categories are:

Compassion:  For showing deep awareness of and responsiveness to the needs of others.

Justice: For demonstrating commitment to fairness and achieving improved outcomes for others.

Respect: For treating others with dignity and encouraging their participation.

Hope: For showing creativity or innovation in serving others.

The Gaylene Walker Team Spirit Award:  For outstanding demonstration of teamwork. This award is a tribute to a much-loved leader of the Launceston administration team who died in 2011.

Nominations are now open and will close May 5.

A poster and nomination form are available in Confluence.

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