Rewarding values

The winners of the 2017 Values in Action Awards epitomise Anglicare’s values in action.

“Presenting these awards and acknowledging the wonderful people we work with is a privilege.  I am delighted to lead an organisation whose staff are of such high calibre,” said Anglicare’s CEO, Dr Chris Jones. “We have been pleased to distribute the following awards and sincerely congratulate each recipient.”

Raf Patterson receiving his Values in Action Award for Respect from Anglicare CEO Dr Chris JonesRespect - Rafael Patterson

Raf Patterson is the Senior Worker at Trinity Hill, which provides 46 units for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Raf demonstrates respect in all of his interactions, both with colleagues and residents. His fantastic support to get the best outcomes and overcome challenging situations has earned him great respect.

His going above and beyond his call of duty in assisting the young people with whom he works, demonstrates the value Raf places on each individual.

Margie Law receiving her Values in Action Award for Justice from Anglicare CEO Dr Chris JonesJustice - Margie Law

Margie Law, from our Social Action and Research Centre, is recognised for her perseverance, passion and utter commitment to seeing poker machines removed from pubs and clubs in Tasmania.

Margie has diligently and professionally worked to convince stakeholders and the community as to the injustice of addictive poker machines, especially in regards to their placement in lower socio-economic suburbs.

Margie's determination, passion, creativity and persuasiveness has been unwavering.

Trudy Jones accepting her Values in Action Award for Hope from Anglicare's Chief Operating Officer Jenny SelfHope - Marlene Scott and Trudy Jones (Home Care Aged Care Team NW)

Marlene Scott and Trudy Jones are two of our Aged Care support workers. They are two fine examples of Home Care staff adding value to every interaction by doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. They have worked together to find innovative solutions to everyday problems and brought hope into the lives of the people they support.

Anglicare’s Home Care staff manage many daily challenges. They make an enormous contribution to the health and wellbeing of people who use our services.

This nomination recognised one team, but the message to all Home Care staff is that the work that you do is valuable. Even if there are many challenges it is about always having hope that every person has the potential to live life abundantly and through a respectful partnership enable this to happen.

Warragul Support Team receiving their Values in Action Award for Team Spirit from Anglicare CEO Dr Chris JonesTeam Spirit - Warragul Avenue Support Team

Warragul Avenue is home to four residents with differing disabilities. The support workers have collaboratively transformed Warragul Avenue, developing a comfortable and homely feel with obvious client satisfaction.

Staff undertook Active Support training, encouraging greater participation by the residents in day-to-day activities.

The team of staff all hold the utmost respect for the residents nurturing their dignity, showing compassion, and providing hope by encouraging the residents to achieve their outcomes.

An incredible rapport exists between residents and staff. This team effort has positively transformed Warragul Avenue.

Compassion – This award will be presented later in the year.

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