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Supporting people into work

It can be a challenge to join the workforce, with more than 10 Tasmanian job-seekers for every entry-level job.

Anglicare's Nicole Perkins with her familyAnglicare Australia has just released the 2017 Jobs Availability Snapshot which highlights a dire national shortage of entry-level jobs.

“Entry level jobs have been disappearing over the last ten years,” said Anglicare Australia’s executive director, Kasy Chambers. “Instead of programs that punish people, we need tailored services that train people and help them overcome the obstacles to finding stable work. We also need to increase income support payments as a matter of urgency,” she said. “The support system should be a safety net, not a poverty trap”.

At Anglicare Tasmania, we’ve supported a number of parents to join the workforce and embark on a career pathway in aged care and disability services.

For example, people in our domestic cleaning service work shifts designed to tie in with school hours.

“The hours are perfect for me,” said Nicole Perkins from Launceston. “It couldn’t have worked out better than it has”.

Nicole cares for a family of six children who range in age from 4-10 years. “The reason I decided to look for a job was for my children,” she said. “I wanted them to see that it was possible for a woman to have a family and a job – and that it was very fulfilling to do both. It’s so empowering to say that I work for Anglicare”.

“This job is great for someone with school aged children and who still wants to do a lot of things,” said Nicole. “All the kids participate in after school activities – and I’m able to take them there and be a really hands-on Mum”.

Sarah Gangell from Lewisham has been working as a domestic cleaner with Anglicare for the past two years. “I was a baker by trade but after having my son, I didn’t want to go back into that because of the late nights,” she said. “My son has a disability and hasn’t been well, so it’s really good to have the flexibility of an organisation that understands the importance of family”.

Since joining Anglicare, Sarah has seized opportunities to undertake additional training. “I’ve done my Certificate II and I’m just about to complete my Certificate III to become an accredited support worker,” she said. “I did the course because I felt like I could do more for people if I had a broader range of skills”.

Nicole also plans to do more training in the future. “It’s clear that you can work your way up, so when the children are independent, I’d like to do that,” she said. “I have always wanted to work with youth, so when the time is right, I am interested in learning more. Having my foot in the door is a huge thing for me and Anglicare is incredibly supportive”.

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