Winter Appeal 2018

We love Tasmania. 

But right now, there are some things in our state that are not OK. 

Winter Appeal 2018

Hundreds of Tasmanians cannot find affordable, appropriate housing. Addictive poker machines are taking money from our poorest neighbourhoods. We have traumatised, unaccompanied children who are not receiving the specialised care they need.

 Anglicare is standing up and speaking out. We are working hard to respond to the high number of people in crisis. 



Your gift to Anglicare’s Winter Appeal 

will allow us to reach out with much-needed support - like providing groceries for a family, assistance with a utility bill, a replacement washing machine or fridge, or a one-off payment to get someone back on their feet after an unexpected crisis.

We want every Tasmanian to have their basic needs met, as well as opportunities to learn and thrive.

That’s what community is all about.

Homelessness, gambling addiction, injustice and poverty do not belong here. Not in Tasmania. Not in our backyard.


Donate now to Anglicare's Winter Appeal 2018

Or call us on 1800 243 232 to make a donation over the phone. Donations can also be made at any Anglicare office.