You’re the voice

Full of expectation Debbie and her support worker Anthony arrived early at the Derwent Entertainment Centre (DEC) to watch a live performance of John Farnham.

Debbie wearing her John Farnham T-shirtDuring the support show Debbie was constantly asking Anthony, and those who sat around them, when John Farnham would be starting.  She was assured it would be soon.

Debbie’s excitement was tangible. She was telling Anthony how much she loved John's singing and how she would love to meet him.

Finally, the main event started: John started to sing. Debbie’s dream was to meet her hero and she so wished to get closer to where he was on stage. Anthony considered both impossible.  

Then, out of the corner of his eye, Anthony noticed that next to the stage there was a large group of people. It appeared that some of them were going up on stage and shaking John's hand.

Anthony didn’t hold back, he approached one of the DEC staff and asked her if it would be possible for him and his friend to get much closer to John.

“With a wink I was told that shouldn't be a problem and before long we found ourselves at the front of the stage,” said Anthony. “The look on Debbie’s face was priceless. Even though she was a little tired there was no stopping her.”

People were dancing, laughing and having fun listening to John Farnham. Politely passing through the crowd, it was finally Debbie's turn to go on stage and shake John's hand.

“The feeling was great. I then urged Debbie to move on saying, “Come on Deb, we’ve had our turn and it’s time to let someone else come in.”  But Debbie did not move, she was adamant she wanted to talk with John,” said Anthony.  

With her face looking up at him, John kneeled down and gave Debbie a kiss on the cheek. Then John asked what her name was and placed the microphone in front of her. "DEBBIE”, she replied, “And I love you John!”, she called out in front of the crowd of 1,600 people.  

John was delighted and told Debbie to enjoy herself.  One of John’s singers, Lisa, went over to the front of the stage and gave both Debbie and Anthony a kiss on the cheek.

No holding back, Debbie then asked John if she could sing with him. John didn't really know what to say. For a few moments he was lost for words, but people started saying, “Come on John”.  

John was still in the kneeling position when Anthony leaned over and said to him, "It would mean so much to her! You are her hero".

Before they knew what was happening, Debbie and Anthony were being directed by members of the band to the centre of the stage.

“Debbie was rushed away by John Farnham's singers and together they all started to singing, ‘You’re the voice’, and Debbie was leading the singing,” said Anthony.

The whole performance took around two minutes after which the crowd all cheered.

“Debbie's dream was fulfilled.  She was ecstatic,” said Anthony.

Afterwards they danced at the front with other people who all wanted to meet Debbie, talk to her and give her a hug.  When asked what the highlight was, Debbie simply replied, “All of it, I loved all of it!”.

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