Poker machines cause harm.

They cost too many people their health, relationship, job or home. Anglicare’s research and service experience supports the removal of poker machines from pubs and clubs.

The Tasmanian Government is currently drafting a bill for poker machines to remain in pubs and clubs through to the year 2043.

The Government’s bill will first be debated in the House of Assembly. If passed (as is, or with amendments), it would then go to the Legislative Council for review.


In the Legislative Council, the bill can be rejected, passed or amended. Many of the members of the Legislative Council are independents, not bound to party policy. They can make up their own minds whether the legislation will be good for the communities they represent. This provides the opportunity for Tasmanians to let Legislative Councillors know we do not want another 20 years of pokies in local communities.

The legislation could be changed so it only allows poker machines in the two casinos.


Join us and take action today

As a Tasmanian you can guide our elected members on the future of pokies. It is their job to be the voice of the people.

How are pokies affecting your local area?

This interactive map allows you to see the impact of pokies on your local electorate.

Click on the map to find out:

  • who your local Legislative Councillor is
  • where they stand on the issue of pokies
  • the total number of poker machines in the electorate
  • the total number of venues with pokies

For ease of use, you can choose to view the map in a larger browser window by clicking on the expand button at the top right of the interactive map.

Email your local Legislative Councillor

We've taken the liberty of simplifying the process of emailing your local Legislative Councillor. In doing so we have provided standard subject lines and salutations. We have also provided a pre-filled email message response, personalised to your local member. If you'd like to write your own message, please feel free to overwrite our text below.

The Parliament will have a role; the legislation will need to be agreed to by the Parliament in terms of the positions we take…The Parliament will be the ultimate arbiter of our policy on this. ~Peter Gutwein, Treasurer of Tasmania

Pokies cost too many Tasmanians their health, relationships, job or home.

1 in 3 Tasmanians know someone seriously harmed by gambling on pokies. 4 out of 5 Tasmanians want pokies reduced in number or totally removed from pubs and clubs. In the 2018 election, nearly 6 in 10 Tasmanians preferred the policy of removing pokies from pubs and clubs rather than keeping pokies in our communities for at least another 20 years, until 2043.

Tasmanians know that pokies cause harm. We can still get them out of our communities if we work together because the Government will have to put its pokies legislation through Parliament.