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Rhiannon's story

My name is Rhiannon and I have two boys, Adam (10) and Chris (8). We moved to the West Coast a while back with my husband, Tony. We have moved around a lot and this was to be another fresh start for us. We have had a lot of “fresh starts.”

I was first helped by a service provided by Anglicare when my husband was taken away by the police. Tony has a lot of issues and life has been really difficult when he loses the plot and becomes violent. It has happened a lot and I am worn out.

When the West Coast Support Service started, I was referred to the worker. I felt comfortable because there were no big promises made and I knew that I was not expected to do cartwheels to keep being assisted. I guess I’m saying that I didn’t have to prove myself. I was nice to know that, after all this time, I was wasn’t the problem but there were problems I could deal with.

Tony doesn’t live with us anymore. He doesn’t live in the same town as us. There is a family violence order that stops him from being near us.

What do need now? I get lonely. I see my boys starting to act a bit like Tony. This worries me. I liked having a few drinks when my boys went to bed. My finances are in a mess. My possessions are scattered through my house. I felt stuck.

I like that my worker helps me plan. Sometimes it’s small stuff, sometimes it’s big stuff. I am sorting the physical stuff and my emotional stuff. When it becomes overwhelming, we go back to small stuff. I am supported. I am heard. I am reminded that things don’t have to be such a struggle and that I have choice, something I didn’t have before. Having a choice is a challenge too! It’s all about acting and not just reacting. What do I want my life to look like? It’s about finding the me in all of this. The me who is calm. The me who is good.