Anglicare's support for children, young people and their families in the North West

  • Child and youth mental health service (CYMHS)

    Support for vulnerable families with children and young people (0-18) who are showing early signs of or at risk of developing mental illness.

    Anglicare’s professional support staff work alongside young people, their families and carers to support the young person’s mental wellbeing.

    The program has a primary focus on children and young people while working with them in a whole of family context.

    Anglicare is focused on giving you choice and matching you with the staff person who best suits your needs and goals.

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    This is a free service offered throughout Northwest Tasmania.

    Referral process 

    To speak with one of our team members, you can:


    This program is made available primarily through funding from the Department of Social Services.

  • Kids in focus

    If your family is affected by alcohol or other drugs, Kids in Focus offers support that helps you to focus on what really matters.

    Kids in Focus is a voluntary program that can assist families and children up to 18 years of age who are impacted by parental use of alcohol or other drugs.

    It supports you to make positive changes for yourself and your children.

    We welcome people who are culturally and linguistically diverse, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and all families.

    Kids in Focus is a free service.

    To find out more, please call us on 1800 243 232

    Kids in Focus Flyer


    Referral process 

    Contact us if you, a family member or a client would like to access this service.

    Call – 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Belinda’s story

    “I was seeing a counselor and when I changed to seeing a Kids in Focus worker it made things so much better. I feel so supported.

    I know I can rely on the KIF worker. They never let me down or cancel. One of the best things is knowing that the KIF worker is there when I need them, even if it’s just a phone call. That really matters to me.

    I’ve been shown so much respect too. That helped me work through things myself. When someone believes in you it makes all the difference. 

    Three months down the track I can say that life is much better now. I’ve gotten through some trying times and I am really proud of where I am now.”


    Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit for more information.

  • KIDS program

    Connecting new parents to a community of experience and support

    Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and that is where Kind Individuals Delivering Support (KIDS) comes in!

    If you’re a new parent or have a child under the age of 12 in East Devonport, Railton, Sheffield or the Kentish region including Latrobe, the KIDS program can provide free outreach in the form of Practical, Emotional and Social support in your own home.

    KIDS program provides support by:

    • explaining the different stages of your child’s growth and development
    • working with you to find ways to respond to the changing needs of your growing child
    • helping to identify services that can provide further information and assistance
    • providing access to parenting education and programs as well as listen to any worries you may have.

    KIDS program also holds parenting and peer support groups in East Devonport and the Kentish region.


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – East Devonport, Railton, Sheffield, the Kentish Region including Latrobe

    Referral process 

    You can contact a KIDS coordinator via phone or email.

    Call – 1800 243 232

    Email KIDS –

    Jessie’s story

    “I found out I was pregnant very late. I didn’t have much time to think about it. My family was happy, but I felt confused and alone. I shut myself away and didn’t talk to anyone. After my baby was born, my child health nurse saw I was struggling. She referred me to the KIDS program to help me figure out how to do it.

    The program coordinator visited me each week. She helped me work through my issues and the experiences I had been holding inside. Once I was in a good place I was matched with a volunteer who was amazing. When she visited we talked about everything openly and honestly, with no fear of judgement. She was a parent herself and understood what I was feeling.

    She motivated me to get out of the house and join some playgroups. I have come a long way. I’m not sure if I would have coped without the help of the KIDS program. I now feel I am a good mum and love my child more than I could ever have imagined.”


    Department of Social Services

  • North West early start therapeutic support program (NESTS)

    Building a strong, secure attachment between child and caregiver from pregnancy to age 5.

    Research has shown that babies are hardwired to develop strong, emotional connections. These connections are known as the attachment that a child has with their primary caregiver. Caregivers have a critical role in making these connections happen within the first five years of a child’s life.

    Sometimes a caregiver’s ability to be responsive, predictable and sensitive can be effected by a single or number of influences such as:

    • Family violence
    • Alcohol and other drugs
    • Wellbeing
    • Physical health
    • Long term illness of a child/parent
    • Generational parenting styles.

    NESTS can provide strategies to enhance the attachment between caregiver and child, which supports the child to feel a sense of safety, a sense of self and a sense of worth.


    Cost to you – Free service
    Serving Regions – Northwest Tasmania

    Referral process 

    Strengthening the caregiver-child relationship is a focal point of the NESTS program. Practitioners provide a goal orientated approach to support families with varying complexities and to reduce risk factors.

    NESTS is available on the North West and West Coast of Tasmania. It is a voluntary program for 0-5 year olds (including unborn children) and their primary care giver.

    To make a referral call Strong Families Safe Kids 1800 000 123.

    Sally’s story

    “I love my kids, but they are full on. They would be literally bouncing off the walls and constantly on the go. I needed help because I wasn’t coping.

    I couldn’t walk from one room of my house to the other room without my kids hanging off me or crying. Dropping my children off at day care was an ordeal, they would cry uncontrollably. When I returned they would be happy to see me at first but then they would be angry at me and hit me and I didn’t know why.

    During the time that I have been with NESTS I have learnt so many things.

    My ex-partner and I had an explosive relationship at times. It wasn’t just him, it was me as well. We fought a lot, and we used to hit each other when we got really angry. I didn’t know that the kids watching this had changed the way that their brains grew.

    I used to think that my children were just naughty and would do things to just push my buttons and so I would get angry at them because I didn’t know what else to do.

    When my youngest child would get upset he would bang his head on the floor and cry hysterically for what seemed like hours. The second youngest would just vague out, she was there but there weren’t any lights on, if you know what I mean.

    NESTS talked to me about how the trauma has affected them, it was like their brains were going haywire. NESTS taught me simple play activities to help rewire their brains the way that they are supposed to work.

    I have worked with many services and I have attended all the parenting programs that are there, but NESTS have taught me more than any of them. NESTS go deeper; they really take the time to uncover what is going on for the little ones.

    At first I couldn’t understand how play could make any difference to my children’s behaviour. But it does, it really works; my kids are proof of that. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still not perfect angels, but now I know why they behave they way they do and now I can help them when they are having moments. And I am managing and I enjoy being around them again.”


    Funded by the Department of Communities Tasmania.

  • Parenting Courses

    Parenting has never been easy, but it doesn’t need to be impossible. You can learn what’s worked for others and use it to help both you and your kids to grow together.

    It’s important to keep on learning as a parent because children change as they grow. Parenting courses are available at different stages of your child’s growth.

    • 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching, No Scaredy Cats and Tuning into Kids help parents to handle challenging behaviours, reduce anxiety and handle emotions in children 2-12
    • Engaging Adolescents and Tuning into Teens provides parents with skills to address and resolve problems that arise with their teenage children while creating a stronger connection.

    These courses provide the skills necessary to encourage good behaviour and provide discipline without fighting.

    The presenters for these programs have completed the Parentshop’s practitioner training.

    Parenting courses calendar Download our parenting program flyer



    Cost to you – These courses are free but do require a booking.

    Serving Regions – Greater Hobart area and North West


    Referral process 

    Contact us on 1800 243 232 if you’d like to access this service or register for any upcoming courses here.


    Emily’s story

    “I’ve got a daughter and a son. My little girl is pretty shy. I can’t seem to get her to open up to me. I get really nervous that she’s angry, or upset. Truth is, I can’t actually be sure one way or another.

    My son’s a different story. He used to be my little angel, but now he’s a real challenge. It’s not like he’s a bad kid, it’s just that as he’s growing up he’s trying to figure out how to be a grown man. He gets moody and angry, and we just can’t communicate.

    Completing the parenting course helped me to understand my children better. I had been guilty of getting too worked up, and I have learnt how much better our family life is if I can remain calm. I also recognise now that I was talking way too much, and cluttering up their heads. Things are improving.”



    Funded by the Australian Government

  • Pathway home

    Pathway Home provides assistance and support to help children return to their family home

    Pathway Home provides assistance and support to allow children to return to their family home. It’s for children and young people who have been in out-of-home care. They are referred by the child safety branches of the Department of Disability, Children, Youth and Family Services.

    It supports and assists families to ensure a stable family environment. Support is tailored to the needs of the child.

    Pathway Home provides:

    • family or one-to-one counselling
    • support to reintegrate children into the family unit
    • practical assistance such as helping parents learn more about nutrition, housekeeping, cooking and budgeting
    • information about Centrelink, Medicare and relevant government assistance
    • supporting parents and emphasising the importance of children feeling safe in the home.
    • information about other family-focused services such as playgroups, health centres and schools
    • day-to-day support including getting children to school, packing lunches and providing clean clothes


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – Northern Tasmania and Northwest Tasmania

    Referral process 

    Referrals are only received via Child Protection Services.

    Call – 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Damien’s story

    “Damien was referred to the Pathway Home program to assist with the reunification of his four children. Child Protection Services had identified concerns about Damien’s emotional health in regard to dealing with crises and relationship breakdowns. There had been two incidents of Damien harming himself with the children present. There was concern about cannabis use and the stress Damien may experience parenting his four children, all entering adolescence.

    At the time of the referral to Pathway Home, Damien had begun to engage with Child Protection Services and he had unsupervised contact with his four children.

    A six-stage reunification plan was written up but before this could be put into place, the children were returned to Damien’s care full time. A ‘signs of safety’ plan was completed to take the place of the reunification plan and assist with Pathway Home involvement. During safe communication sessions all four children reported that they wanted to go home, and they wanted their dad to be okay.

    Contact between the family and the Pathway Home worker occurred at least twice weekly, including scheduled and unscheduled visits and phone calls. During the time Pathway Home was involved, Damien worked willingly with Pathway Home and numerous Child Protection Services concerns were addressed. Damien and the Pathway Home worker discussed the signs of a crisis and developed a safety plan for what would happen if he felt like harming himself.

    Damien worked on specific parenting strategies for teenagers such as consequences, boundaries and developmental stages. He discussed his own childhood trauma and began to work through this in a helpful way. He talked about family violence and anger, and the impact this has had on his children.

    He sought involvement from other support services such as personal counselling through the CAB program, budgeting and financial assistance with Family Matters, and he was supportive of the children having their own personal counselling with the school and outside support services.

    Fourteen months after beginning with Pathway Home, the Care and Protection Orders on Damien’s four children were lapsed, and all four remain in his care.”


    Funded by the Department of Communities Tasmania.

  • Reconnect

    Growing up is a tough journey for everyone in a family, and rifts can form. But bridges can be built. Reconnect helps you to reconcile with your family.

    Reconnect is an early intervention service for young people aged 12-18 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. It aims to help stabilise their living situation, develop more positive relationships with their family, and support connections with education, work, training and the community.

    Reconnect can help you with:

    • one-to-one counselling
    • mediation between you and your family
    • support and encouragement
    • opportunities to get involved with education, training, work and community activities
    Download Reconnect brochure



    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – North West Tasmania

    Referral process 

    Reconnect invites referrals from anyone including family, carers, service providers and school teachers (all with the consent of the family). Contact Anglicare’s Community Engagement Coordinators on 1800 243 232 on

    Tim’s story

    “I left home because my parents were driving me crazy. They told me who I could hang out with and where to be and what to do. If I even try to visit they just keep heckling me so I get angry and go.

    I’m glad I got onto the Reconnect program. I was able to trust my worker and was comfortable talking to them. They helped me to avoid getting expelled from school and how to get help from the government to finish college.

    It wasn’t easy but I also learned about how to work out stuff with my parents. I guess I’m driving them crazy too. I haven’t yet talked to them but at least I’ve got more confidence that I can say what’s on my mind.


    Department of Social Services

  • Relationship abuse of an intimate nature (RAIN)

    RAIN provides counselling, support and advocacy for people who have or are experiencing relationship violence

    RAIN provides social and practical support for women, men and children who have been subjected to domestic or family violence (physical, verbal, financial, emotional and mental abuse). RAIN is not a crisis service and it does not support perpetrators. RAIN provides a service from Anglicare Tasmania offices based in Devonport and Burnie, with outreach to the West Coast, Circular Head and King Island.


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – West and Northwest Tasmania, Devonport and surrounds, Circular Head and West Coast

    Referral process 

    Contact us if you, a family member or a client would like to access this service. Anyone can access the service by contacting Anglicare, either by phone, from our website or by coming into the office. Referrals can also be made by other community service organisations.

    Call – 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Linda’s Story

    “I’d like to share with you why the RAIN program has been so important in my life.

    Fourteen months ago my situation was not so desperate that I felt I required any protection. Over the decade of my relationship, like a frog in a pot of cold water on a stove, I was unaware of the slow heat building up; the erosion of my self-esteem and person. I went twice to the doctor for depression in the previous six years.

    I was in a very complex web and didn’t see a clear path out until I was referred to RAIN. At first I thought I wasn’t suitable for the program because my partner never actually hit me. But after learning more about domestic abuse, I realised that I actually was being abused.

    I refused to medicate myself and I struggled on with trying to adjust, change my attitude, work harder, be better… yet still nothing I did was good enough. I felt that everything that went wrong was due to my actions or inactions. Through the RAIN program I was reassured that I was an ok person. My suspicions were correct; the relationship was wrong and I started getting out of it.

    The relief was tremendous. The RAIN program has given me someone to see on an ongoing regular basis. It has been a lifesaver. When you have to face the father of your children each week, expecting to be verbally abused and cut down…well, it is VERY helpful to have someone at your side! Support. Not feeling alone. Being assured you are sane!”


    Relationship abuse of an intimate nature (RAIN) is supported by the Crown through the Department of Communities.

  • Supported youth program (SYP)

    You can make positive changes in your life – and you don’t have to do it alone. Get the support you need to build your confidence, improve your relationships and take part in your community.

    If you’re between the ages of 10 and 18 and are looking for opportunities and a bit of direction, the Supported Youth Program can help you out.

    This service can provide you with support, counselling and mediation with your family if you need it. There are several ways you can get involved with education, training and community in a non-judgemental and safe environment.

    Who is the program for?

    The program works with young people who are identified by community or welfare professionals as having significant and/or multiple, risk issues, such as:

    • An unstable home environment
    • Disengagement with school
    • Experimentation with alcohol or other drugs
    • Difficulties fitting in socially
    • Being at risk of Child Protection or Youth Justice intervention.
    • Assessment and case management for young people entering the program is driven by an attachment and trauma theory framework.
    • It involves developing long-term intervention programs suitable for the young person’s stage of life and circumstances.

    How does the program work?

    The program will focus on developing new pathways for learning through:

    • Interacting with social and community resources, including agencies already involved
    • Access to youth friendly places for outreach
    • Be involved with groups or as an individual on activities and projects which promote personal learning.


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – Northern Tasmania and Northwest Tasmania

    Referral process

    Anglicare’s Supported Youth Program in the North and Northwest of Tasmania works in partnership with key agencies and professionals to provide care and support for young people aged 10-18 years.

    Contact us if your client would like to access this service. Referrals to the Supported Youth Program can be made via Strong Families Safe Kids.

    Call 1800 000 123 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Simon’s story

    “At school I was being bullied and kept getting into fights. I’d also had some run-ins with the police and was told I’d end up locked up if things didn’t change.

    At first I couldn’t talk about what had been going on at home. I didn’t know how to explain how I felt. But after a while I started to open up a bit about what had happened to me. That was a year ago.

    I’ve learned some ways to stop myself from getting into fights when I get angry or frustrated. I’m getting on better with my mum too. Things have changed a lot and I’m feeling positive about the future.”


    The Supported Youth Program is funded by the Department of Communities Tasmania.

  • Taz kids clubs and camps

    Camps and Clubs for young Tasmanians aged 7-17 who have a parent or guardian impacted by mental health issues.

    When someone in the family is struggling with mental health related issues, they’re not the only ones who feel the stress. Sometimes kids need a supportive environment where they can connect with other kids in similar situations.


    What are Taz Kids Camps?

    • Taz Kids Camps run during the school holidays
    • They run for 2 to 5 days.
    • They run at Camp Clayton in the North, and Camp Blue Lagoon in the South.
    • Camps give young people an opportunity to make new friends, be part of a team, get outdoors and have fun.

    What are Taz Kids Clubs?

    • Taz Kids Clubs run for seven weeks in Primary and High schools around Tasmania
    • They are a safe environment where young people can ask questions and learn information about mental health.
    • A place for young people to have fun, play games and learn coping and resilience
    • Clubs provide a peer group for children to better support each other

    Taz Kids also offer

    • Family days to aquatic centres, water slides, bowling alleys and skate centres
    • Parenting support and workshops
    • Newsletters
    • Leadership opportunities for teenagers
    • Promotion of positive mental health

    All Activities are provided free of charge and facilitated by qualified experienced staff from Anglicare.


    This is a free statewide service.

    Gr8MYnds: Mental Health Info with Young People in MYnd! is a new resource featuring information about a range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, cyber-bullying, eating disorders and self-harm. This is a free download for your PC’s or smartphones and provides a fun and interactive way for young people to get as much info as possible so that they can get the help they need for themselves or someone else.

    Download Gr8MYnds


    Referral process 

    Contact us if you, a family member or a client would like to access this service.

    Call on 1800 243 232

    Ariel’s story

    “When mum was diagnosed with depression, she wasn’t doing too good. Some days, she wouldn’t even get out of her dressing gown.

    I was having trouble keeping up in school and the other kids were bullying me. I was sad and angry, just like mum.

    When mum decided to get help, she set me up with Taz Kids. The other kids there understood me, and it turns out they had been bullied too.

    We catch up at Taz Kids once a week and I reckon it’s helped me understand what mum’s going through.  I feel smarter and more confident. Mum’s happier to see me do better in school and to make new friends.”


    Taz Kids is supported by the Crown through the Department of Health Tasmania.

  • West coast support service

    Part of our West Coast community

    The West Coast support service is based in Zeehan outreaches to the townships of the region.

    Services include: 

    • Outreach assistance to families with parenting;
    • Helping people to deal with problems and difficult situations;
    • Finding a service to help; and
    • Working with groups in communities across the West Coast

    Service Hours: 9.00am – 5.00pm,   Monday to Friday


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – West Coast

    Referral process 

    Just call and ask for the West Coast Support Service between 9 am – 5 pm,  Monday to Friday.

    Call – 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Rhiannon’s story

    “My name is Rhiannon and I have two boys, Adam (10) and Chris (8). We moved to the West Coast a while back with my husband, Tony. We have moved around a lot and this was to be another fresh start for us. We have had a lot of “fresh starts.”

    I was first helped by a service provided by Anglicare when my husband was taken away by the police. Tony has a lot of issues and life has been really difficult when he loses the plot and becomes violent. It has happened a lot and I am worn out.

    When the West Coast Support Service started, I was referred to the worker. I felt comfortable because there were no big promises made and I knew that I was not expected to do cartwheels to keep being assisted. I guess I’m saying that I didn’t have to prove myself. I was nice to know that, after all this time, I was wasn’t the problem but there were problems I could deal with.

    Tony doesn’t live with us anymore. He doesn’t live in the same town as us. There is a family violence order that stops him from being near us.

    What do need now? I get lonely. I see my boys starting to act a bit like Tony. This worries me. I liked having a few drinks when my boys went to bed. My finances are in a mess. My possessions are scattered through my house. I felt stuck.

    I like that my worker helps me plan. Sometimes it’s small stuff, sometimes it’s big stuff. I am sorting the physical stuff and my emotional stuff. When it becomes overwhelming, we go back to small stuff. I am supported. I am heard. I am reminded that things don’t have to be such a struggle and that I have choice, something I didn’t have before. Having a choice is a challenge too! It’s all about acting and not just reacting. What do I want my life to look like? It’s about finding the me in all of this. The me who is calm. The me who is good.”

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