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We appreciate your participation and support in working for a just Tasmania.​

Help to make a difference by donating to Anglicare or by volunteering.

You can also contact us with ideas, comments and suggestions.



Christmas Appeal 2018

Anglicare Christmas Appeal 2018

This Christmas, will you be part of shining the light?

There's something special about Christmas lights. Light can be a comfort, a reassurance that we are not alone in the dark. Light can be breathtakingly beautiful from the soft simplicity of candlelight to the colourful joyfulness of a Christmas display. And as communities gather to sing carols together this Christmas season, glowing lights held in the hands of friends and strangers symbolise connection.


Your gift will provide practical help

Your gift to the Anglicare Christmas Appeal will be used to reach out to Tasmaians who are struggling, who need a reminder that others care.

Anglicare is here for anyone facing a life challenge. We support people's mental and physical health. We help people to find safe, affordable housing. We listen and work with families to strengthen relationships. We speak up for those disadvantaged by unfair policies and systems.

Anglicare knows that for people to find a way forward, they need to be able to see a light in the darkness. This Christmas, help us to offer this hope.


Make a donation


Give HOPE today!

Your donation will make a difference for local people experiencing hardship.

Your gift will provide encouragement and practical support - such as groceries for a family, assistance with a utility bill, a replacement washing machine or fridge, or a one-off payment to get someone back on their feet after an unexpected crisis.

We want every Tasmanian to have their basic needs met, as well as opportunities to learn and thrive.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Here are three simple ways to send your gift to Anglicare:​

1. Online via

2. Mail: Anglicare, Reply Paid 1620, Hobart Tas 7001

3. Phone: 1800 243 232 (free from landlines and mobiles)


Workplace giving

Your workplace can set up payroll deductions to ensure regular, simple donations to Anglicare. To find out more, please use our contact details at the Contact Us page.


Wills and bequests

Thank you for considering Anglicare Tasmania as you prepare your will.

By leaving money or other assets by a bequest in your will, you will leave a legacy that supports the work of Anglicare Tasmania into the future. 

This can be done either as you draw up your will for the first time or by a simple process of amending your existing will. The wording required to make a bequest to Anglicare Tasmania is as follows:

'I bequeath ............... to Anglicare Tasmania Inc. to advance their work and declare that the signature of the Chief Executive Officer shall be an absolute discharge to my Executors and/or Trustees.'

When drawing up or amending your will, it is recommended that you seek professional legal advice.



A volunteer with her client

Many volunteers come together to help Anglicare, and we'd love for you to join us.


Some of the top reasons people volunteer at Anglicare are:

- Helping others

- Learning and developing new skills

- Skills for future employment

- To have fun.


Would you like to volunteer at Anglicare?

Contact us to discuss volunteer opportunities.


Police check

Anglicare is committed to safeguarding children and young people. All employees, including volunteers, must undergo a police check before they begin work with Anglicare to ensure they have no convictions that would affect their work. If you have any questions about volunteering or the recruitment process please contact us on: 1800 243 232 (Freecall) or by email: