There are so many great reasons to join Anglicare Tasmania.

If you are values driven and genuinely want to make a real difference to the lives of Tasmanians, then you’re in the right place.

We walk the talk when it comes to caring for our employees. We value our people and demonstrate this with excellent working conditions and opportunities for professional development and career progression.

Says CEO, Dr Chris Jones, “We are committed to leading an organisation that supports all people who work here to find purpose and balance in life. To serve the community to the best of our abilities, it’s vital that we look after the wellbeing of ourselves and each other. That includes providing the people who work for Anglicare with opportunities to keep learning and developing their skills and talents”.

We know that enjoying your life means that you need to balance work and that this can look different depending on your stage of life. We strive to create a workplace that can be flexible to the needs of our team and to offer career pathways and progression.

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You hear it all the time right? Excellent conditions.

But what does it actually mean?

Probably many things to many people. But here’s a taste of what it means at Anglicare Tas:

  • We offer salary packaging which allows you to pay for certain expenses before tax is taken out of earnings. This reduces the amount of tax paid which helps you make the most of your income. Currently you can package up to the allowable maximum of $15,900 each Fringe Benefit Tax year.
  • Our life friendly work culture includes provisions such as the ability to alter your start and finish times, job sharing and part-time options where appropriate. Joining the team as a support worker in disability or aged care means a variety of shifts are available which provides more flexibility than the average 9-5 job.
  • We walk the talk when it comes to excellent salary conditions as most of our allowances are well above the award.
  • You could be eligible to purchase additional annual leave by reducing your salary by the nominated weeks and then annualising the salary across the full year.
  • If your role requires a mobile phone, laptop or for you to wear a uniform, this will all be supplied for you.
  • Because we understand that life happens, we have a range of provisions that can support you through shifts in life. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides employees and their families with access to professional and confidential counselling services. We provide up to 3 sessions on any matter.
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We know how important learning and development is in the workplace.

You want to remain challenged, engaged and to continue to grow and excel professionally.

We want that for you, and for the benefit of our organisation and the work we do. So we take a proactive approach to our employee growth and professional development practices.

  • We value your curiosity and desire to innovate. Our Jerrim Fellowship is a professional development opportunity that can be used to visit projects or services, attend a conference, do an internship or complete a short course of training. These activities can be undertaken in Australia or overseas.  This gives employees the chance to learn about innovative practices and to bring this knowledge back to Tasmania.
  • Our annual Values in Action Awards are the highest accolade in our organisation. They are peer nominated and celebrate excellence by individuals or teams doing a great job at putting values in action.
  • We encourage and support our staff to participate in relevant workshops and conferences.
  • Our study leave can enable employees to pursue relevant courses of study which benefit both the individual and Anglicare Tas.


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Our recruitment process

Congratulations on considering a role with Anglicare Tasmania. We’ve designed this recruitment guide to help you put your best foot forward when applying with us and so you know what to expect during the recruitment process.

Make sure you’ve read the job advertisement carefully as it will specify the information required for applying for the role. Some positions, such as support workers, simply require you to provide an up-to-date resume, or a covering letter and a resume. Other positions may require a statement addressing selection criteria.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your application as we don’t accept them late unless there are extremely exceptional circumstances.

Typically we receive lots of applications so you want to make sure yours stands out from the crowd. We want to read your application and get an immediate feel for your fit for the role, the team and our organisation. There are some tips on this in the guide below.

  • Pre employment requirements

    We take our responsibility to our clients seriously which means we need to make sure our employees are all of good character and can be entrusted with the care of the people who use our services.

    Some of our roles requires manual handling so a level of physical fitness is key for these roles. A medical assessment is required for people once an offer for a job with us has been given.

    All offers of employment with Anglicare Tasmania are subject to a National Police Check and a successful Anglicare assessed medical.

    If you have lived for 12 months or more outside of Australia after the age of 16 years old, you’ll need to provide an International Police Check.

    You’ll also need to hold a current (Tasmanian) Working with Vulnerable People Registration.

    Most roles will also require a current full drivers licence.

    You can use the links below to get this process underway and to learn a little more about the medical assessment process.

    Registration form ID certification Medical assessment
  • Resumé

    Be sure to send us your most current resume and make sure it includes:

    • Your full name and contact details – make sure to include your phone number and email address.
    • Your education and any qualifications and certificates that are most relevant to the position.
    • Your employment history – place them in order with the most recent job first.
    • Your referees – make sure you include their contact details. If you prefer, you can provide referees on request.


    Things you don’t need to include:

    • Your home address, religion, marital status or age
    • We don’t need to know every job you ever had – just the ones most relevant to the role
    • A photograph


    There are some excellent free resources on the internet.

    SEEK resume template
  • Cover letter

    The purpose of a cover letter is to catch our attention and sell yourself to us!

    • introduce yourself to Anglicare
    • let us know why you want the job
    • tell us a bit about your experience
    • tell us why you believe you’re a great choice for this role


    You may also want to provide a brief explanation of your current employment situation, for example, where you are currently working and why you are looking for a new job.

    Top tips:

    • Address the letter to the person named in the advertisement.
    • Mention the job title of the advertised position.
    • Only include information that relates to the position you are applying for and make sure you match your skills directly to the job.
    • Double triple check your spelling and grammar. Get a friend to check it over for you.


    There are some excellent free resources on the internet.

    SEEK cover letter template
  • Addressing the competencies or selection criteria

    The selection criteria and key competencies are outlined in the job advertisement and in the position description. They detail the skills, experience, knowledge, qualifications and qualities that you will need to meet to do the job well. We use these all the way through the recruitment process to make sure we get the right person for the positon.

    When you answer the selection criteria, it’s really helpful to:

    • Use specific examples to demonstrate how you meet the criteria
    • Use specific examples to demonstrate how you meet the competencies
    • Be succinct – don’t waffle
    • Use an outcome or a result


    The STAR model is a good way to approach your responses:

         Situation: Outline a specific situation

         Task: Outline your role

         Action: Outline what actions you took in response to that situation

         Result: What happened? Describe the outcome or result.


    Keep it concise but give enough detail to be clear. Make sure you are addressing the specific requirements of each criteria. 2-3 paragraphs should be plenty to answer the question well. Get someone to proof read your answers – a fresh set of eyes is really valuable to make sure your spelling and grammar is correct and that you have actually answered the questions.

  • What happens after you submit your application?

    Once you have submitted your application you will receive an acknowledgment via email.

    Applications will be assessed by the interview panel for shortlisting. Depending on the amount of applications, this may take a couple of weeks after the closing date. We know this can be a stressful wait and will get back to you as soon as we can.

    If you are shortlisted, you’ll be contacted and invited for interview. We may ask you some screening questions at the time of scheduling the interview. Be prepared and remember, this is part of the recruitment process.

    If you haven’t made it to the shortlist this time, we will email to let you know. Don’t lose heart – keep trying. Sometimes no just means not this time.

  • An interview with Anglicare

    If you are selected for an interview, we will contact you to make the arrangements. Don’t be too nervous! We are not scary and we want you to do well.

    Make sure you let us know if you have any special requirements or need any additional assistance so that we can make arrangements.

    The interview panel are likely to consist of a manager from the area you are applying for and a representative from Human Resources.

    Do your research. Check out our website so you understand the work we do. Understand our values and mission.

    Remember the STAR process so that you can answer questions with relevant examples from your previous experience.

    Most of all, remember we want to get to know you so be yourself! At the heart of Anglicare Tasmania is our people.

  • After the interview

    If your interview goes well we will contact your referees. We may use this process to choose between several candidates so it is important you have told your referees about the job and made sure they are happy to advocate for you and that they can vouch for your skills and background.  They need to be as prepared as you are.

    If all of this goes well, you will be required to pass a medical assessment and then given a verbal offer for the position. If you are keen to join us (we hope so!) we will then give you a formal written offer.

    If you weren’t successful at interview, don’t give up on working with us. And do consider requesting feedback as this will only strengthen your next effort.  Keep an eye on our vacancies and try again next time.

Anglicare Tasmania is an Employer of Choice

Anglicare has been named an Employer of Choice by the Tasmanian Government for demonstrating contemporary workplace practices and outstanding support for staff.

The Employer of Choice Awards recognise and promote Tasmanian organisations that successfully attract and retain skilled employees.

Anglicare’s entry in the awards was assessed by an independent judging panel comprising representatives from Skills Tasmania and a selection of other EOC organisations.

The entry noted that Anglicare has generous study leave entitlements, provides free training for various qualifications, and offers a range of other professional development opportunities.

Employer of Choice Accreditation (small logo)

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