About Anglicare Tasmania

Anglicare Tasmania is a not-for profit organisation that delivers a wide range of community and support services to the people of Tasmania.

In response to the Christian faith, Anglicare strives to achieve social justice and provide the opportunity for people in need to reach fullness of life.

Our services include:

Anglicare’s Social Action Research Centre (SARC) does research and advocacy to improve the lives of Tasmanians.  We focus on:


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Why our values are important

Values are the shared principles and beliefs under-pinning all that we do.  They define what we stand for and guide the way we work. Values give us a common language.  They make clear what we hold important and what people expect from us.

Our values are hope, compassion, justice and respect.

Hope – Confidently reaching for fullness of life

Compassion– Showing empathy and care for those in need

Justice – Promoting the fair distribution of resources and opportunities

Respect – Recognising the inherent value and dignity of every person


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Our History and Beliefs

Anglicare Tasmania is a Christian organisation and part of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Tasmania. Our shared story is about loving and serving the Tasmanian community in the name of Christ.

In the early 1980s a small team investigated how the Anglican Church could most helpfully respond to the practical needs of local people. As a result, an organisation was set up to offer financial counselling to Tasmanians struggling with debt and low income. It was the first service of its kind in the state. Due to high demand, financial counselling soon expanded from Hobart to Launceston, Devonport and Burnie.

In 1984, Anglicare also began offering crisis accommodation to young people at risk of homelessness.

Today, Anglicare delivers a wide range of services to the Tasmanian community, partners with parishes and schools, and conducts research and advocacy on important social issues.

Anglicare’s work has never been about profit or prestige. We have a clear mission, based on a Christian view of the world and our place in it. The work of Anglicare is done in response to God’s love.

Our Statement of Beliefs Download 'Why We Care' Booklet Download 'Working for a just Tasmania'

40 Year Anniversary - Serving Tasmanians

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Dawn, a 'Biscuit lady' from Clarence South Anglican Church, is delivering containers full of bake goods for the residents at the Youth Shelter in Hobart.

Serving Tasmanians since 1983

Anglicare Tasmania started 40 years ago when a group of people within the Anglican diocese asked themselves a question: how could the church better respond to Tasmanians in need? Read full story
Judy Cornwell is standing in her home garden smiling.

Counselling Tasmanians about their finances for 40 years

It’s been 40 years since Anglicare set up its Debt Help budgeting service with just one part-time employee. Research done at the time pointed to it as a practical way of supporting Tasmanians in need - and today it's more important than ever. Read full story
An image of Thyne House a Youth2Independence facility. It shows a red brick multistory building with rows of windows.

Housing for all Tasmanians

Anglicare is an experienced provider of important housing services to Tasmanians. In the lead-up to Homelessness Week we've released a video about our 40 years of service that shares how the Youth2Independence program is supporting young Tasmanians to flourish today. Read full story

Our Mission

Our Leadership Team

Anglicare Tasmania is governed by a board made up of nine elected members.

Our CEO, Dr Chris Jones is an experienced leader and relentless advocate for social justice. Chris is an Anglican bishop and sees his CEO role at Anglicare as an important part of his ministry.

The Executive Management Team includes the Chief Financial Officer and four General Managers covering People and Organisational Development, Aged Care Services, Housing and Community Services, and Acquired Injury Support Services.


More about our Board and Executive Management Team

Annual Report

The theme of Anglicare’s 2022-23 Annual Report is ‘Serving Tasmanians for 40 years’.

In the early 1980s, a Church committee chose to act in response to unmet needs in the Tasmanian community. We began as a tiny organisation with one part-time financial counsellor and a $25,000 grant to provide the Debt Help service.

Today, our skilled team delivers a broad range of services across the State. Our systems and processes are strong and we remain committed to research and advocacy that makes a positive difference to people’s lives.

Across 40 years, the work of Anglicare has demonstrated to all Tasmanians that they are part of a caring community that will not turn away, but reach out to serve.

A logo to celebrate Anglicare Tasmania's 40 Year anniversary

Anglicare Annual Report 2022-23 Download Annual Report 2022-23 PDF Anglicare Annual Report 2021-22


Accreditation and Standards

Anglicare is focused on providing quality services.  Our commitment to continuous improvement is demonstrated and delivered through our wide range of quality standards including:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation
  • ACIS Attendant Care Industry Standard Certification
  • Australian Childhood Foundation Safeguarding Children Accreditation
  • Tasmanian Government Employer of Choice
  • CMA Standards Council Accreditation and Registered Charity status with ACNC.


More about our Accreditation and Standards

Our Partners

yarnin up

yarnin up is an Aboriginal advisory group which helps to guide Anglicare’s relationship with the Aboriginal community.

The group meets with our CEO regularly and has shared advice about cultural awareness training, employing Aboriginal people, protocols for Acknowledging Country, and how to make our services more accessible, culturally appropriate and effective for Aboriginal people.


Anglican Diocese of Tasmania

Anglicare is part of the Anglican Church which exists to love and serve the Tasmanian community in the name of Christ.

Churches interested in supporting Anglicare’s work can find details in our Partnering with Anglicare Fact Sheet.

Anglicare has a Parish Community Development Worker available to answer questions and provide information. The contact email address is parishes@anglicare-tas.org.au

Visit Diocese of Tasmania

Anglicare Australia Network

Anglicare Tasmania is part of a national network of faith-based agencies committed to justice and care. The network members collaborate in a variety of ways including research and advocacy, and sharing expertise and information. The network meets once a year for a national conference.

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