Rental Affordability Snapshot

Since 2007, Anglicare Tasmania has tested whether it is possible for people living on low incomes to afford to rent a home in the private market.

We do this by taking a snapshot of all properties listed for rent on and on one weekend each year.

We then assess whether each property is affordable and appropriate for 14 types of households on low incomes.

A property is considered affordable for our low income households if the rent is less than 30% of income (Yates 2007).  To be deemed appropriate, it must also have enough bedrooms for the needs of that household type (AIHW 2019b). We are unable to assess appropriateness for particular mobility needs.

Housing Connect

The number of rentals across Tasmania have halved since 2013

Only 8% of rental properties in Tasmania are affordable for households on income support.  Whilst there has been a significant increase in residential construction and the supply of new homes in recent years, this has not been enough. The Tasmanian Government needs to invest more in social housing.