Delay in the introduction of the universal poker machine card ‘disappointing’, says Anglicare

July 3, 2024
Illustration of a hand holding a card with the words Simple as written on it.

A delay in the introduction of the universal poker machine card is disappointing.

The introduction of the card was recommended by the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission.

It’s a positive action that will reduce harm with minimal impact on people who engage in recreational gambling.

All of the state political parties have reiterated their strong commitment to the system’s introduction.

Social Action and Research Centre coordinator Mary Bennett said:

“Every day without this reasonable measure in place means there are Tasmanians experiencing harm from poker machine gambling.

“Anglicare wants to see the full recommended system in place and operating in our state – giving people a crucial tool for only losing to poker machines what they can afford to lose.

“We understand that this reform represents a huge body of work and we believe it’s vital that it’s delivered in full.

“The universal poker machine card will benefit the entire Tasmanian community and it will save lives.”

Anglicare outlines the benefits of the poker machine card in a report published by our Social Action and Research Centre, Simple As.

An earlier report, What’s the real cost? explains how gambling harms the entire community.

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