Family Support Service

Anglicare provides a free family support service for anyone affected by a family member or significant other using alcohol or other drugs.

The service is provided in the North and North West of Tasmania.  It is confidential and is available to those affected including but not limited to partners, children, siblings and grandparents.

If someone in your family or close to you is using drugs or alcohol and you are being affected, we can help.

We provide:

  • Phone and in-person counselling
  • Short- and long-term support
  • In-home visits
  • Community education sessions.
Call us on 1800 243 232 Download our Family Support Service Brochure


How to access the Family Support Service

This service operates from our Burnie, Devonport and Launceston offices.

Anyone can access the Family Support Service through self-referral or referrals from a range of sources and services, both government and other community sector organisations such as the Alcohol and Drug Service (ADS).

The ADS is funded by the Tasmanian Government of Health.

The Family Support Service is supported by the Crown through the Department of Health (Tasmania).

What's next?


Call us

Anglicare Tasmania has a Alcohol and other Drug Helpline which operates Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.

You can call it on 1800 161 266


Contact ADS

If you would like to be referred, or refer someone to the Care Coordination Service, you need to contact Alcohol and Drug Services.

They require an Intake and Referral Form to be completed. You can find the form here.

To speak with ADS, call them on 1300 139 641

ADS has offices located in Launceston and Ulverstone.

Renee's story*

I grew up watching my father use alcohol to cope. I saw a lot of violence.

I stopped going to school in the first year of high school and and no-one seemed to notice. I started hanging out with older people and drinking a lot and eventually I was using dope and ice. I had my first child at 17, I was homeless and addicted to drugs. My child’s father went to prison, and I got into trouble with the law for stealing to support my habit.

That’s when I came to Anglicare to get support.

I wanted things to change. I saw a counsellor in the Family Support Service and started talking about the reasons I used drugs. I figured out I was trying to escape from my problems. I felt a lot of anger and shame. It was great to talk to someone who didn’t judge me. She helped me find a stable place to live, and she put me in touch with other professionals that could help. With her support I gave up using and started getting my life back on track. I realised a lot about myself and my past experiences.

Now I have my child back and a place to call home. I go to school two days a week, and I started going to the gym. I have set goals for myself and hope to be a fitness instructor. My relationships with my family have improved. My father still uses alcohol to cope but now I know I can get support when I need it.

It has been great to have someone to talk to. I can see how far I have come. Anglicare helped me turn my life around.

*The person’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.

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