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1-2-3 Magic® & Emotion Coaching Courses

Learn to manage difficult behaviour in 2-12 year olds

A mother hugs her son and looks positively at the camera

A program for parents and carers.



  • How to discipline without arguing, yelling or smacking
  • How to sort behaviour
  • How to handle challenging and testing behaviours
  • To choose your strategy – the three choices
  • To use emotion coaching to encourage good behaviour
  • 7 tactics for encouraging good behaviour

Parents will receive:

A 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching Parent Workbook

Is there a registration fee?

The course costs $50 for an individual or couple. It is $10 per person for health care card holders.

What people are saying…

What a relief to come across a program that preserves the dignity of the child, maintains the self control of both the parent and the child and is actually easy to remember when memory is the first thing to go!
I realised quickly that the 1-2-3 Magic can be a magnificent preventative measure that any parent can use to avoid raising a child who, later down the line, needs excessive discipline or grows out of control.

Who is running it?

The presenters for this course have completed Parentshop’s 1-2-3 Magic® & Emotion Coaching practitioner training. They are trained teachers and counsellors with a wealth of experience.