Gambling support

If gambling has become a problem, you are not alone.

Gambling can quickly get out of control. If gambling is affecting you or your family, our professional counsellors are here to support you. We can help you to set and achieve your goals.

Stop. Control. Reduce. Your goals, your choice. 

If you’d like a ‘self-exclusion order’ that bars you from gambling areas in Tasmania, we can arrange that. We can provide support and encouragement, too. If you are a community member in an area that has a gambling issue, we can arrange an educational workshop.

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Know your odds

The longer you play, the more you lose. 

Have you ever wondered how much you are really spending on the pokies or online gambling? With the below online calculators you’ll find out how much you can expect to lose to the house edge…and just how quickly you can lose it.

Discover just how much you can lose with the Know Your Odds online calculator.

How long will your money last? Find out with the Know Your Odds online calculator.

If your online gambling has become a bit more of a worry, then maybe it’s time to change your online gambling with something different. For advice and support, call the Gambler’s Help line on 1800 858 858.

Accessing the Gambler's Help service

The Gambler’s Help counselling service is a confidential service for people affected by gambling.

Our counsellors support people to reduce the harm of gambling through:

  • professional counselling
  • support groups
  • financial counselling
  • arranging a self-exclusion order on your behalf.

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Gambler’s Help is a free service.

To find out more, please call Gambler’s Help on 1800 243 232.

Service Area

Anglicare offers this service in the South and the North West of Tasmania. Relationships Australia Tasmania facilitates this service in the North.


Gambler’s Help is funded by the Tasmanian Government through the Department of Communities. Visit Department of Communities for more information.

Gambling doesn’t discriminate. It’s an issue that affects people across all age groups, gender and social demographics.

Gambler’s Help offers free counselling and support for individuals, and education workshops for local communities.

“As with other addictions, gambling to the extent it causes harm, is often symptomatic of other issues in a person’s life,” explains the manager of Anglicare’s gambling support service. “Which means that there’s no quick fix. And it’s not a matter of individual choice”.

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