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Our mission and values

Our mission

Anglicare, in response to the Christian faith, strives to achieve social justice and provide the opportunity for people in need to reach fullness of life.

Our values

  • Compassion
  • Hope
  • Respect
  • Justice

What we believe

All people are to be treated justly, accorded dignity and respect and are to have their basic rights protected.

Where there is division and conflict, we should work to heal brokenness and reconcile differences.

Each person has the capacity to make and to bear the responsibility for choices and decisions about their life.

Those who provide and those who use services share a common humanity, calling forth compassion for each other's distress and hope for each other's future. Working with people in need demands a spirit of humility, free from blaming or judging.

Every person has the potential to live life abundantly.

We are committed to

  • working for the common good and a just and healthy society

  • upholding human rights

  • speaking out against injustice and oppression

  • valuing and celebrating difference and diversity within society

To read a theological consideration of Anglicare's role in mission, please visit Our Church Partners page.

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