An early intervention service for youth who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in North West Tasmania.

Reconnect is an early intervention service for young people aged 12-18 (or 12 and 21 years if they are newly arrived in Australia), who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in the North West of Tasmania.

The service aims to help to stabilise their living situation, develop more positive relationships with their family and support connections with education, work, training and the community.

The service is not a crisis youth homelessness service and does not replace child protection agencies or provide temporary housing.

Reconnect can provide:
  • Counselling
  • Mediation
  • Group activities
  • Practical support for the whole family

Reconnect is a free and completely confidential service providing services that seek a tailored solution to each unique and individual family circumstances. The aim is to give young people the tools to settle their living arrangements, stay connected and build supportive relationships.

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Our support

Reconnect for young people

If you, or one of your friends, are having problems at home or school, and are worried about getting kicked out of home, Reconnect can help.

Reconnect helps young people:

  • work out stable living arrangements
  • work things out with family or any other relationship concerns
  • stay in school even when it gets tough
  • check out training options
  • get income support if eligible.

Reconnect for families

Family members can be anyone who is providing emotional and physical support to the young person.

Reconnect helps parents, guardians and families to:

  • work things out with the young person
  • find out the best way to talk things through
  • learn to live together when things are hard
  • learn to live apart but stay connected.

What's Next?


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To find out more information about the Reconnect program, you can call us on 1800 243 232.


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You can also email us directly at ConnectSupport@anglicare-tas.org.au.

Tim's story

I left home because my parents were driving me crazy. They told me who I could hang out with and where to be and what to do. If I even try to visit they just keep heckling me so I get angry and go.

I’m glad I got onto the Reconnect program. I was able to trust my worker and was comfortable talking to them. They helped me to avoid getting expelled from school and how to get help from the government to finish college.

It wasn’t easy but I also learned about how to work out stuff with my parents.

I guess I’m driving them crazy too. I haven’t yet talked to them but at least I’ve got more confidence that I can say what’s on my mind.


The Reconnect Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit dss.gov.au for more information.

Australian Government Department of Social Services

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