Relationship Abuse of an Intimate Nature (RAIN)

RAIN is a free service that supports people who have been impacted by intimate partner violence.  We provide client-centred case management that can include advocacy, safety planning and counselling. The service is not a crisis service and does not support perpetrators.

Service area

RAIN is available to people living on the North West and West Coast of Tasmania by staff based in our offices in Devonport, Burnie and Zeehan.

Referral process

RAIN welcomes self-referrals as well as referrals from other organisations.

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What's next?


Call us

To find out more information about the RAIN service you can call us on 1800 243 232.


Email us

You can also email us directly at ConnectSupport@anglicare-tas.org.au.


Visit us

Or you can visit one of our offices in the North West of Tasmania to speak with our team:

51 Wilmot Street, Burnie
31 King Street, Devonport

Linda's story

I’d like to share with you why the RAIN program has been so important in my life.

Fourteen months ago my situation was not so desperate that I felt I required any protection. Over the decade of my relationship, like a frog in a pot of cold water on a stove, I was unaware of the slow heat building up; the erosion of my self-esteem and person.

I went twice to the doctor for depression in the previous six years.

I was in a very complex web and didn’t see a clear path out until I was referred to RAIN. At first I thought I wasn’t suitable for the program because my partner never actually hit me. But after learning more about domestic abuse, I realised that I actually was being abused.

I refused to medicate myself and I struggled on with trying to adjust, change my attitude, work harder, be better… yet still nothing I did was good enough. I felt that everything that went wrong was due to my actions or inactions.

Through the RAIN program I was reassured that I was an ok person.

My suspicions were correct; the relationship was wrong and I started getting out of it.

The relief was tremendous. The RAIN program has given me someone to see on an ongoing regular basis. It has been a lifesaver. When you have to face the father of your children each week, expecting to be verbally abused and cut down…well, it is VERY helpful to have someone at your side! Support. Not feeling alone. Being assured you are sane!


RAIN is funded by the Tasmanian Government through the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Visit the Department of Premier and Cabinet for more information.

Supported by Tasmanian Government

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