Anglicare Tasmania submission to the State Budget 2021-2022

Social Action and Research Centre Submission

Anglicare Tasmania’s budget priorities have come from recent research and consultations with disadvantaged and vulnerable Tasmanians and the Anglicare staff who work with them to achieve positive futures.

We believe the State Government can make sound investments in the Tasmanian people and strengthen Tasmanian communities by prioritising:

  • improved support for children and families involved with the child safety system;
  • children who are homeless and without access to a parent or guardian;
  • affordable housing that provides a secure and stable base for Tasmanian families to flourish;
  • increased support for people who need mental health services in the community;
  • increased support for people in financial distress; and
  • increased support for people who have concerns with alcohol or other drugs
Publication Type: Submission Publication Date: 19/03/21 Anglicare Tasmania Submission to the Tasmanian State Budget 2021-2022

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