Better, Bigger, Stronger Final Report

illustration of a young person walking along a dark empty street.

This is the full report of the research project Better, Bigger, Stronger. The report delivers the findings and recommendations from the research, which investigated the complex mental health needs of Tasmanian children aged 10-17 who are homeless without a parent or guardian.

It provides insight into the lives and dreams of 15 Tasmanian children and young people who have experienced homelessness and mental ill-health alone. It also details the experiences of 65 Tasmanian professionals working mostly in community-based and school-based services, who respond to the complex and competing needs presented by this group of children.

The report recommends targeted efforts to deliver equitable access to early supports through primary schools and primary and allied health providers. It also recommends a strengthened response to unaccompanied children already experiencing homelessness and mental ill-health.

Publication Type: Research Publication Date: April 2022 Authors: Dr Catherine Robinson Key Subject Area(s): Mental Health, Unaccompanied Homeless Children, Children, Youth, Homelessness

Better, Bigger, Stronger Final Report
Better, Bigger, Stronger Final Report (Word)

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