Gamblers Help service supports Tasmanians harmed by gambling.

Gamblers Help offers free counselling and support for individuals, as well as education workshops for local communities.

Gamblers Help offers free counselling and support for individuals, and education workshops for local communities.

If you or someone you care about has been harmed by gambling, you can get free personal or family counselling, or group support through this service. Furthermore, we can assist you to arrange a self-exclusion order to bar you from gambling areas in Tasmania.

Also, we can hold education workshops in local communities about the harm caused by gambling.

Gamblers Help is a nationwide program and is provided in Tasmania through Anglicare. Around 500 people reached out to us for support through Gamblers Help last year.

Gambling doesn’t discriminate. It’s an issue that affects people across all age groups, gender and social demographics.

“As with other addictions, gambling to the extent it causes harm, is often symptomatic of other issues in a person’s life,” explained Jonathan Turk who manages the service. “Which means that there’s no quick fix. And it’s not a matter of individual choice”.

“We see family relationships suffer, people unable to afford to eat and people unable to afford to heat their homes because their family is harmed by gambling,” he said.

When it comes to poker machines, their easy accessibility makes them difficult to avoid in many communities. Their presence is often supported by advertising, inducements and player loyalty schemes. As a result this creates an environment that encourages people to gamble. In Tasmania, one in six people who regularly use a poker machine are likely to develop a problem with gambling.

Counsellors are trained to support people to reduce the harm caused by gambling.

There’s certainly no judgment and the focus is on building relationships of trust. There’s also no limit to the number of times you can make use of the Gamblers Help service. You can attend for one session or benefit from ongoing support over many years.

“We are privileged to work with people facing challenging times, to help them find hope and achieve positive outcomes,” said Jonathan. “And we are committed to the ongoing development of Gamblers Help to ensure we deliver support that’s based on solid evidence about what works”.

You can find out more at Gamblers Help or Call 1800 243 232.

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