Youth2Independence Program

Youth2Independence Program

About the Program

The Youth2Independence (Y2I) Facilities support young people between the ages of 16-24, who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.  Y2I is a transitional program that is led by the student over a period of up to two years.   The facilities offer a safe and affordable home base, close to amenities such as TAFE, supermarkets, transport hubs and medical services. Using Advantaged Thinking, Y2I aims to tap into the students’ goals and ambitions and nurturing their talents.

Y2I recognises the inherent personal capabilities to build new skills and engage with education, training and employment.  By providing one on one coaching, advocacy and support, the Y2I program allows young people to focus on their strengths, and capabilities in order to thrive as connected, but independent individuals.

Homes Tasmania’s Youth2Independence facilities are managed and implemented by Anglicare Tasmania across three Y2I facilities:

  1. Thyne House in Launceston
  2. Eveline House in Devonport
  3. Trinity Hill and Campbell Street in Hobart

The program relies on a diverse group of stakeholders – education providers, community members, philanthropy and government to deliver outcomes for young people.


Advantaged Thinking

Youth2Independence uses the Advantaged Thinking approach.

The Advantaged Thinking approach is part of the Education First Model which focuses on highlighting young people’s strengths, qualities and capabilities while connecting with the community.

Anglicare helps to connect young people with opportunities and networks, so they can participate and contribute to the community in which they live, with the goal of supporting the young person to achieve long term, genuine independence.

Eligibility and Readiness

Young people who are interested in the Y2I program can apply through Housing Connect, or can contact the Y2I facility that is closest to them directly for more information.

Applicants must:

  • be aged between 16-24 years old
  • be at risk of or experiencing homelessness
  • have an active social housing application with Priority status
  • be willing and ready to engage in education, training and employment.

When considering an application, the current community at the facility is considered, to ensure that there are a range of young people at different stages of their transition to independence.

The Deal

A commitment to learning. 

Young people who live at Y2I choose to commit to developing their capabilities and skills across 6 service offers:

  1. education
  2. employment
  3. health and wellbeing
  4. housing and living skills
  5. community participation and
  6. social connections.

The program includes completing a Certificate I in Developing Independence with the support of the Youth Development Coaches and in partnership with the on-site TasTAFE Teachers. This creates an individualised learning plan for each young person, helping to establish a solid platform from which they can begin to explore and build skills and knowledge during their two years in the Y2I program.

“The Deal” is uniquely tailored to match each young person’s interests, skills and talents.

Considerations before applying

When exploring the Y2I Program as an option, please consider the following:

  • You/the young person is motivated to progress their education and goals?  There is no requirement to be currently enrolled, however you/their aspirations for education and training will be discussed at the readiness interview.
  • You/the young person is able to live semi-independently, maintain a unit, cook basic meals, and uphold the conditions of the tenancy agreement.
  • You/the young person is not currently engaging in sustained behaviour that is of serious harm to yourself/themselves or others.
  • You/the young person will be asked to have an open conversation about your/their goals and aspirations, as well as any barriers you/they have experienced in the past or would like support to overcome.  Questions asked will relate to one’s ability to live in a communal environment (e.g., current AVO’s, or previous convictions).
  • You/the young person may like to have a support person during the Readiness Assessment, particularly if you/their connected to other services.
  • A requirement of the program is for you/the young person to enroll in the Certificate 1n Developing Independence, to be completed with the Youth Development Coach and TasTAFE Teachers. This should be completed within the first 6 months to create a launch pad to develop independence.

The Y2I Facilities encourage applications from people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI), Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds and LGBTIQ+ communities.

Steps to Y2I


Apply at Housing Connect

Housing Connect is where a young person can apply to be part of the Y2I program.

Call Housing Connect on 1800 800 588, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Housing Connect has offices in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie, Devonport and Smithton.

You can find the office addresses here.


Eligibility and Readiness

To be eligible for Y2I applicants will need to meet a number of criteria. This includes signing up to “The Deal”.

For full details on the Y2I program read the Y2I Supported Accommodation Policy.



Suitability and placement

If your application is successful, you will be referred to Y2I to see if there is a current vacancy that is suitable.

If not, you will be put on a waitlist for a place in the Y2I program.


The Deal

To be part of Y2I,  you will need to sign ‘The Deal’.

The Deal sets out your commitment to learning and development.

Y2I Locations


Trinity Hill and Campbell Street in Hobart


Thyne House in Launceston

North West

Eveline House in Devonport

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The Youth2Independence program is supported by Homes Tasmania.

Supported by Homes Tasmania

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