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Be alert to elder abuse

Do you understand what makes financial abuse?

Older Tasmanians deserve to feel safe, respected and valued. It’s important that they feel secure and in control of all of their decision-making and their finances.

Does your home have working smoke alarms?

The best warning devices you can have in your home are working smoke alarms.

Aged care at home: tips for preventing falls

Aged care at home is the ideal for many families. But do you feel that your older loved one is at risk of falls?

National Debt Helpline

Moving beyond financial hardship

Anglicare Tasmania's Financial Counsellors developed a video series to give insight into some of the common financial troubles that people experience and how they can help.

What is attendant care?

Anglicare is a specialist provider of attendant care to clients of the Motor Accidents Insurance Board. Attendant care enables people to live at home and perform the usual activities of everyday living, after the trauma of a motor vehicle accident.

A jar containing $100 bills sits on a table next to a calculator, pencil and spreadsheet of finances.

Preparing your tax return

Filling out a tax return can be time-consuming and complicated. It’s important to keep your tax affairs up-to-date.  Anglicare’s Financial Counsellors do not provide tax advice, but they can help you fill out your forms.

A cardboard cut-out of a family holding hands outside their home surrounded by trees and butterflies while everything is built upon a water pipe with a singular drop of water falling from the pipe.

Is your household water-wise?

TasWater’s recent announcement of a 3.5 per cent price rise each year for the next four years has added another cost-of-living pressure for Tasmanians. Follow these simple tips to reduce your overall water usage.

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