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Supporting someone affected by gambling harm? Our family resource booklet can help.

Are you supporting someone with a gambling problem?

Anglicare’s Gamblers Help Family Resource Booklet will help you support the person you care about while also taking care of yourself.

Top 5 tips to stop gambling

Top 5 tips to help you stop gambling

Here are our five top tips for taking control of gambling...

Find healthy activities to help you avoid gambling. Pictured: riends sitting on a mountain top overlooking Hobart.

Staying active can help you control your gambling

Many people who gamble say it’s a way to avoid boredom, or cope with stressful situations. Here are some ideas for activities that can keep you busy and fulfilled.

How does Gambling Harm affect others? Pictured: Young man looks despondently at the mobile phone in his hand

Do you know how your gambling affects others?

Gambling can have a wide ripple effect. It’s estimated that for every person experiencing gambling harm another seven other people are affected, too.

Understanding gambling harm. Pictured: A male excitedly reacting to a wager placed on a mobile sports betting app. The male is standing outside a sports stadium.

What does gambling harm look like?

The average Australian adult spends $1,172.14 on gambling per year (2014-15). This makes Australia the gambling capital of the world.

How can I manage my winter power bill?

An Anglicare financial counsellor can provide you with support if you are worried about how your winter power bill will impact your household budget.

A cardboard cut-out of a family holding hands outside their home surrounded by trees and butterflies while everything is built upon a water pipe with a singular drop of water falling from the pipe.

Is your household water-wise?

TasWater’s recent announcement of a 3.5 per cent price rise each year for the next four years has added another cost-of-living pressure for Tasmanians. Follow these simple tips to reduce your overall water usage.

Getting ready to prepare tax return. A jar of money sits on a table next to a calculator.

Preparing your tax return

Filling out a tax return can be time-consuming and complicated. It’s important to keep your tax affairs up to date.  Anglicare’s Financial Counsellors do not provide tax advice, but they can help you fill out your forms.

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