Home Care, Aged Care and Wellbeing

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As a trusted supporter of Tasmanians in their homes and in the community for over 30 years, Anglicare has become a leader in community aged care.

We have one of the broadest ranges of services of any Tasmanian provider. We use a responsive approach to deliver the right services to meet your needs.

Anglicare assist eligible customers with a range of government funded home care programs.  We also provide services to self-funded customers.

Our approach is to work alongside you to understand your goals and preferences and to develop a plan to support you based on these.  Our broad range of services enables us to tailor the support we provide based on your individual goals and choices.  It also means that we can continue to support you if your needs change, including specialist support from our clinical team.

For more information about the important questions to consider when choosing an organisation to support your needs, click here. You can also follow the links below to find out more information about each of our services.


Personal Support

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Would you like a helping hand around your home? Anglicare's personal support team can assist you to keep your home environment safe and comfortable.

We are trained to support you with tasks such as:

  • tidying and dusting
  • cleaning your bathroom and toilet
  • mopping and vacuuming
  • rubbish removal
  • changing bed linen
  • washing, ironing and mending clothes

In the kitchen we can help with:

  • cleaning your fridge and stove
  • washing dishes
  • cleaning cupboards and benchtops
  • removing out-of-date food 

Your team can also provide assistance with shopping, paying bills, attending appointments and visiting the bank.

At Anglicare we are aware of how important both nutrition and hydration are for good health. Your team can support you to prepare nutritious and healthy food. If you are diabetic or require a special diet we can assist you with meal planning and preparation.

If you relocate into a new home or retirement unit, we can assist you pack and unpack as well as clean your old and new home.

We can also organise gardening or window cleaning services from one of our professional contractors.   

Your team is here to work with you to ensure that you receive the most benefit from your service. 


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Personal Care

Lady helping another lady have a shower

Your health and wellbeing are our highest priority. Our aim is to see you continue living independently in your own home.

At Anglicare we tailor our personal care services to meet your individual needs.   Anglicare can provide assistance with:

  • showering, bathing, and dressing
  • all aspects of personal grooming such as styling your hair or having a shave
  • supporting you to take your medication
  • supporting you to participate in the community and remain connected
  • maintaining hearing aids, glasses and dentures and attending appointments
  • assistance with applying special clothing, footwear, braces, splints or compression stockings if they are needed
  • applying topical creams
  • continence support and advice
  • help with mobility to allow you to safely access your home and community
  • suggesting special equipment to help reduce risk and assist you to remain independent.  For example: a long handle shoe horn, pick-up stick or devices with an automatic shut-off function

Whatever you choose you can be confident that our interactions with you will be confidential and respectful.



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Your personal wellbeing is important to us. At Anglicare our care focuses on your physical, social, emotional and spiritual health.

We recognise the importance of being able to continue to do the things you enjoy doing.  Our aim is to see you lead a full life and remain independent.  With a focus on wellness and prevention, it is possible to improve your quality of life.  You are at the centre of decision making and we support you to achieve your goals.

We can help determine whether the use of any aid or item of equipment would assist you to continue doing the things that you enjoy. For example, installing handrails, building raised garden beds or modifying your home environment to assist you to fully participate in all activities.

We can assist you to participate in activities that you enjoy.  For example:

  • plant and grow vegetables or flowers
  • visit the library, church, theatre or cinema
  • attend an exercise class to maintain fitness and mobility
  • crafts such as knitting, needlework, flower arranging and scrapbooking

If you are visually or hearing impaired or you have a disability, we can access aids and equipment to assist you to be engaged in the activities of your choice.  For example:

  • large print and audio books                     
  • iPads, tablets and communication devices
  • raised garden beds and potting tables

We can assist with making appointments with your dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, hearing and skin-check clinics.  We can also organise massage therapy to address conditions such as chronic pain.

Our team of people can support you to reach your personal goals through a range of physical activities, such as:  swimming/hydrotherapy, Tai Chi/Yoga, gentle exercise/walking groups, weight loss programs, singing/dancing or bowls/golf.

Anglicare's Pastoral Care service is also available to offer you spiritual and emotional support.


Assistive Equipment and Technology

Supporting a man with an iPad

There are many products and services that can assist older people to live independently with success. Your team will work with you to embrace technology to improve your quality of life and can provide training and assist you to get the most out of your devices.

We can provide you with advice on various types of assistive equipment, such as:

  • grab rails                                        
  • hand held showers
  • over the toilet or shower chairs
  • over the bed frames
  • medical alert pendants

New technology such as smart phones, iPad's/tablets and the internet are increasingly being used by older people. Tracking solutions such as a GPS watch are valuable for people living with dementia.

Communicating with family overseas has become easier through Skype and other Apps which assist in staying connected to the people who are important to you. 

If you have a condition that restricts your ability to live safely and comfortably at home you may qualify for home modification, mobility aid or equipment.  Your home-care package may fund the purchase of certain items, such as: medical alarms, sensory bed lamps, walking aids etc

Larger items such as significant home modifications, outside ramps and motorised wheelchairs or customised equipment will require an assessment by an Occupational Therapist. We will discuss with you whether a request for assistive equipment or modification fits within the scope of your funding and personal budget and explore any other funding sources available to contribute to the cost.


Nursing and Allied Health

Nurse taking a gentlemans blood pressure

Anglicare has a dedicated team of clinically trained staff who work in partnership with you and your family to maintain your health and wellness. 

Our qualified and caring clinical team can offer you a range of services that include comprehensive assessment, care planning, and full case management services.

In the comfort of your own home we can provide you with services, such as:

  • dressings and wound care
  • medication and pain management
  • chronic disease and diabetes management
  • continence and nutritional support
  • dietary advice, including peg feeding

Your team will work with you to identify what you will need to remain healthy and safe at home. 

Anglicare’s clinical team can liaise with your doctor, allied health practitioners, palliative care and other professionals to ensure your support is well coordinated and timely.

If you’ve been admitted to hospital we will monitor your progress throughout your stay and during your rehabilitation when you return home. We are happy to accompany you to any follow-up medical appointments and hospital tests. 

To help reduce your risk of injury, we can suggest special equipment or home modifications.

Our aim is to assist you to remain happy, healthy and safely independent.


Carer Support

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Your team are here to assist you in your role as carer. We can provide support, information, tailored services and behaviour management strategies if needed.

The physical and emotional demands of caring for someone can be high. Carers often find it difficult balancing their own needs with those they care for. 

There are many additional responsibilities and demands that are placed on primary carers. We understand how important it is to be able to trust others to provide the same care and compassion you do. 

We can discuss respite options with you that can include day-centre or in-home respite or residential respite. If the person you support is hospitalised, we can take you to visit them in hospital or visit on your behalf. 

Grief and loss can be the result of many life experiences, including the changing health status of the person you care for.

Anglicare has pastoral care services you can access, or we can source professional counselling if you prefer.

We believe caring for the carer is just as important as caring for others.  To support this we can assist you with:

  • Therapeutic massage can give stress relief, improve your vitality and state of mind, and address physical problems such as back pain.
  • Taking a break from caregiving to prevent exhaustion and burnout, continue activities and friendships or attend carer support groups

Your team has the training and experience to provide support and companionship to people living with dementia, mental illness, disability, terminal illness or who are older and frail. 


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Assistance with Personal Finance

Lady helping man with finances

During your initial assessment we work with you to select a range of services and products that can be met within your personal budget. 

If you wish to purchase additional services from private or unspent funds you can determine the duration of these services. This means that you only pay for what you need. 

You will receive a monthly statement that will outline your income and expenditure from your home-care package.  Any unspent funds roll-over to the following month for you to spend later. 

We will explain all fees and charges to you.

Anglicare will ensure that if you are eligible for the dementia or veterans’ supplement that the assessment is completed.  There are other additional payments you might also qualify for.

Primary carers may be eligible for the carer's payment and carer's allowance.  We can discuss these payment options with you.

If you have a power of attorney or your finances are managed by the public trustee, we are committed to working with the people that you have nominated. 

Your honest and trustworthy team can take you to visit the bank and assist you to pay your accounts electronically.

You will have the opportunity to apply for some of your income from your home-care package to be pre-paid to you on an Anglicare personal debit card. This will enable you to pay for some goods or services at the point of sale. 


Self Funded Support

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While many of Anglicare’s services are funded by government programs, Anglicare also provides services on a self-funded basis.

These self-funded services can also complement any government-funded services that you may already receive.

Our self-funded support services are aimed at assisting you to keep on top of things. Our team will work quietly in the background to provide the support you choose, while you get on with life.

We provide a whole range of services, many of which are highlighted throughout this booklet. If you have any questions about other services, please give us a call.

You can be confident that when you choose Anglicare, you will be delivered a professional and reliable service.


Pet Care

Walking the dogs along a river

Companion animals can play an important role in the lives of older people. 

For many people a family pet is a constant friend and a source of affection and comfort, especially if they are older and are a source of many fond memories. 

Caring for a pet has shown to benefit older people both physically and emotionally, such as decreasing anxiety and depression.  A pet also gives structure to the day with the need for a routine to feed, play, groom and exercise your companion. 

The responsibility of caring for a family pet brings daily chores. As we age the tasks of caring for an animal can become too much to manage alone. 

Your team can assist you to care for your pet.  Including:

  • accompanying you on your daily walk or sourcing dog-walking services
  • attending the vet clinic with your pet or accessing grooming services 
  • finding alternative care for your pet if you need to be absent


Additional Support

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Choosing Anglicare as your support provider connects you with one of Tasmania’s largest providers of human services. 

With offices around the state, your team can link you, your family and friends, with a broad range of services that can assist with life challenges. 

Contact our trained professional team for a confidential chat about your situation and eligibility to receive further support services.

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