Mental Health including NDIS Supports

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Mental health is for everyone

One in five Tasmanians will have a mental illness during their lifetime – it may be you or someone in your family, at work or in your community. Anglicare has a number of services to support people affected by mental illness.



Recovery Program

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The Recovery Program supports anyone recovering from a diagnosed mental health condition

If you're recovering from a diagnosed mental health condition, the Recovery Program can help you with one-to-one support.

Together, you can focus on your strengths. You can work to overcome the things that get in the way of your personal goals.

Everyone's recovery journey is different, so the support provided is flexible to suit your individual needs.



Cost to you - Free service

Serving Regions - Southern Tasmania and Northern Tasmania


Referral process 

Contact us if you, a family member or a client would like to access this service.

Call - 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)


Becca's story

"I had spent a lot of time in hospital when I was unwell. All my friends and family dropped off and I'd stopped going out of the house. I was pretty miserable. The only people I used to see were a nurse from the hospital and a doctor once a month.

When I met the Recovery Program worker, she asked questions about me. She didn't just ask about my medication and what was going on in my head. She made me feel like a real person. We started talking about all the things I could do in my life. Then we actually went and had a go at doing them!

I still have some bad days, but I feel more on top of things now. I haven't been to hospital for over a year and I am getting out of the house more. I'm doing some volunteering and looking at enrolling in a TasTAFE course. I have a couple of friends I catch up with most weeks. There's heaps more stuff I want to start doing now."



The program is funded by the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services.


Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid

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Build your knowledge and skills to give support to someone experiencing a mental health issue.

Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid short courses teach people how to offer help to someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

The courses teach you how to provide comfort and support in the early stages and to guide a person towards appropriate treatments and other supportive help. 

You'll also learn more about how common mental health problems are in our community and how to help reduce the stigma associated with them.

Find out more at Mental Health First Aid.



Cost to you - Free for family members and friends

Serving Regions - Statewide


Referral process 

This training is for family members and friends supporting someone who has a mental health concern.

Call - 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)


Sue's story

"I went along to the Mental Health First Aid course because of work, but it's been really useful in lots of other ways too. My course was a lot of fun and it opened my eyes to not only how common mental health issues are, but also how important it is to support people right from the start. We talked about ways to approach people who might be having problems instead of avoiding them.

I'm much more aware of the way people are travelling now, and feel more comfortable talking about mental health issues. I know how important it is to listen non-judgementally and to get them to access professional help.

I'm also really aware of the stigma associated with mental health issues and how we can all play a part in reducing that."



This program is made available primarily through funding for family support services from the Department of Social Services


Taz Kids and Champs Camps

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Clubs and holiday camps for kids with family members with mental illness

When someone in the family has a mental illness, they're not the only ones who feel the stress. Sometimes kids need a supportive environment where they can connect with others in similar situations. Taz Kids Clubs and Champ Camps are available if a young person needs a fun a space to take a break from the stressful situation at home.

The Kids Clubs are eight-week programs run  after or during school. Champs Camps are run during school holidays. They're a good opportunity to make friends, get outdoors, and get some answers to some tough questions.


What’s on offer?

- Fun activities and new friendships

- Day trips to places such as mini golf and wildlife parks

- Support and guidance based on mutual trust and respect

- Promotion of positive mental health

- Learning about coping skills and resilience

- Support for families in group sessions or one to one

- Social opportunities for parents

- Care plans for children when the parent or guardian is unwell

- Anglicare can link families with other local relevant services


Taz Kids Clubs

- Meet weekly for one and a half hours after or during school for eight weeks

- Clubs are run separately for primary and high school ages

- Locations and times vary according to need


Champs Camps

- Every school holidays

- Offer young people the chance to get outdoors, make new friends, have fun and be themselves.

- At Camp Clayton in the north and Camp Woodfield in the south



Cost to you - Free service

Serving Regions - Statewide


Referral process 

Contact us if you, a family member or a client would like to access this service.

Call - 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)


Ariel's story

"When mum was diagnosed with depression, she wasn't doing too good. Some days, she wouldn't even get out of her dressing gown.

I was having trouble keeping up in school and the other kids were bullying me. I was sad and angry, just like mum.

When mum decided to get help, she set me up with Taz Kids. The other kids there understood me, and it turns out they had been bullied too.

We catch up at Taz Kids once a week and I reckon it's helped me understand what mum's going through.  I feel smarter and more confident. Mum's happier to see me do better in school and to make new friends."



Supported by the Crown through Department of Health and Human Services


Curraghmore Residential and Recovery Support Service

Outside of Curraghmore building

Curraghmore has residential support for people living with mental illness.

For people who are living with mental illness, Curraghmore offers supportive accommodation and medium term residential support.

While you are living at Curraghmore you'll be supported to live as independently as is possible. You'll be able to get assistance to overcome things which may have been a struggle in your life, such as managing your budget, your medication, cooking and shopping. There is support to help you with employment, education and housing applications and you'll be encouraged to become more connected with your local community.

Curraghmore is in Devonport.



Cost to you - Board payments are required. Please contact us for details.

Serving Regions - Devonport and surrounds


Referral process 

Contact us if you'd like to access this service.

Call - 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)


Karen's story

"I have been in several facilities along the coast. Curraghmore keeps me safe. I wanted to do some volunteering work. Staff supported me to find what I wanted and take me to my volunteer job at Meals on Wheels. I love my job, I don’t let them down. 

I enjoy my swimming program, staff supported me to find this and I attend weekly. I didn’t like to cook, staff worked with me on things that I like and help me cook, now I do this myself. 

I get scared, Curraghmore staff keep me safe from my bad nightmares. I get up in the night have a drink and staff are there.

I didn’t have any friends. I have made friends at Curraghmore, and I like my friends.

I didn’t have any money. I now have a savings plan and am saving for a holiday. I haven’t had a holiday in a very long time.

I like my life now.


Towards a Model of Supported Community Housing

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For someone with a mental health diagnosis TAMOSCH provides positive support to live independently in the community and focus on recovery.

TAMOSCH offers people with a mental health diagnosis individual recovery-orientated support to live in the community. It helps people live independently and find natural supports that suit them to do so in public, private or transitional accommodation. TAMOSCH will assist you to choose the community supports that best suit you. It also offers you support to set your own goals and manage your life in addition to your housing options.



Cost to you - Free service

Serving Regions - Northwest Tasmania


Referral process 

Contact us if you, a family member or a client would like to access this service.

Call - 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)


Frank's story

"I first came across TAMOSCH after I heard about it from a friend. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and was struggling to manage day-to-day stuff as well as my housing. TAMOSCH assisted me to stay living independently in the community and reduced the amount of time I needed to go to the hospital and specialists. I got to know more about the ways I could help myself and they helped to point me in the right direction and get closer with my friends and family, as I chose. TAMOSCH gave me the chance to talk about some of the things that had stopped me from being able to stay in my own house. Some of the things I used to find stressful I can now manage and I’ve got more skills to get me through the future tough spots in my life. It was never about my illness or what I couldn’t do, but about helping me to see the possibilities."



TAMOSCH is funded by Home and Community Care (HACC) and is a delivered in partnership between Anglicare Tasmania Inc and Housing Tasmania.


Our Time / Flexible Respite

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Providing a break for people supporting someone with mental health issues

Our Time / Flexible Respite Program provides assistance to family members and friends who are supporting someone with a mental health issue or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Program is flexible and tailored to suit the needs of individual families statewide.

There are circumstances where those who have other disabilities can also access the program.


Our Time / Flexible Respite Program offers

- Planned breaks for people supporting family members or friends with a mental health issue or Autism Spectrum Disorder

- The opportunity to learn more about supporting your family member or friend

- Holiday, weekly, single day and center based options

- Information and resources that can assist.



Serving Regions - Statewide


Referral process 

Contact us if you'd like to access this service.

People are not required to be receiving carer's benefit or live at the same address as the person they support.

Call - 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)



Our Time / Flexible Respite funding comes from the DSS but it can also be NDIS funded.


Child, Youth and Family Mental Health Support Service

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Support for vulnerable families with children and young people (0-18) who are showing early signs of or at risk of developing mental illness.

Anglicare's professional Support Staff work alongside young people, their families and carers to support the young person's mental wellbeing. We provide intensive and long term support to help you achieve your goals.

The program has a primary focus on children and young people while working with them in a whole of family context.

Anglicare is focused on giving you choice and matching you with the staff person who best suits your needs and goals.




Cost to you - Free service

Serving Regions - Southern Tasmania, Greater Hobart area, Hobart, Northern suburbs and Northwest Tasmania.


Referral process 

To speak with a Customer Engagement Specialist,  choose any of the following options;

Call - 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

Visit one of office locations



Department of Social Services


Rocherlea Rehabilitation and Recovery Service

Outside of Rocherlea building

A safe place where you can get intensive support with mental illness

Rocherlea is a residential service based in Launceston that provides intensive support to people over the age of eighteen with a mental health diagnosis. It is run in partnership with public mental health services.


There are two separate programs at Rocherlea:

- The Step Up Step Down program is a short-term residential program of intensive support.

- The Level 4 program is for people who are learning or relearning living skills to move into living in the community. medium term accommodation is provided through individual units.



Cost to you - Participants can utilise the Step Up Step Down program for no cost. The Level 4 units are sublet for an affordable cost.

Serving Regions - Greater Launceston


Referral process 

Contact us if your client or patient would like to access this service.

Call - 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)


John's story

"Ever since I was a kid I've heard voices that nobody else does. They're pretty angry and not very nice to live with. I've only really told anybody about this recently.

I get pretty anxious when I try something new. At Rocherlea I heard there were tools and tricks you could learn to help with it. They taught me how to control my breathing.

I also learned how to be mindful and to engage with people. Different things worked at different times.

I had never caught the bus on my own before. With the others at Rocherlea I sorted out the bus timetable. We caught it together and went into the city. It wasn't too hard, now that I've done it.

Once, I went on the buses by myself and got lost. I used the tools they taught me to get calm. I asked for directions and made it back all right.

I'm working on being more independent with the buses and talking to more people. I want to start at TAFE, and I'm happy that I'm less anxious. All of this is helping me get ready to move into a place of my own in the community."



Rocherlea is funded by the Tasmanian State Government


Club Haven

A group of people have activities together

If you're recovering from mental illness, Club Haven is a safe social space for you. At Club Haven you can be there to help others with their recovery journeys, and make friends who can help you on your own journey.

Club Haven is a social and peer support network for people recovering from mental illness. It is a relaxed, comfortable place where people can meet, socialise and develop skills. Club Haven offers a friendly, supportive environment in which to build self-esteem, independence and confidence.

You can take part in a range of activities and classes, such as computer training, cooking, arts and crafts, first aid and exercise.


Opening hours

Wednesday and Fridays 11 to 3.

Request an activity plan as some activities are conducted away from the site



Cost to you - Free service. There is a small cost for lunch and for some activities.

Serving Regions - Northwest Tasmania, Devonport and surrounds


Referral process 

Contact us if you'd like to access this service.

Call - 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)


Peter's story

"I first started coming to Club Haven in 2006. I was feeling pretty down and out. I had no idea what the future would bring. Getting experience on the Club Haven management committee helped me gain skills but most importantly, confidence that I never thought I would have.

I now study and work part-time so don't have as much time to attend the club, but it's great to catch up and see how everyone is doing every now and then at the night time functions.

I've always been very into arts and crafts and being able to run my own oil painting class at Club Haven has been excellent. Now that I've had this experience the next step is looking at running these at the Devonport Community House. I now feel confident to do this.

To be involved in a place where people share their experiences, good and bad, has really made me realise I am not alone and I can achieve the things I want to. It's also made me realise the strength needed to get over things can be found in people who have been there before."



Club Haven is an Anglicare Tasmania funded initiative



Partners in Recovery

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Partners in Recovery (PIR) program is closed from 30th June 2019. Please visit the Partners in Recovery (PIR) website for further information.