Support for alcohol and other drugs

Anglicare cares about people whose lives are being affected by by alcohol and other drugs.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to support people whose lives are impacted by alcohol and other drugs and their family or carers.

Our support is free and confidential.

We also provide Needle and Syringe exchanges throughout Tasmania and if you choose, we can provide longer term support to help you maintain a life free from addiction and to pursue your goals and ambitions. Find a service or program nearest you.

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  • Care coordination service

    We work with you and your services to develop an individual care plan

    The Care Coordination Service is a free service for people involved in alcohol and other drugs programs. It provides a central contact point to access all of the services you are involved with. Together with you, your care is coordinated to ensure the most appropriate services are provided. You are supported to play an active role in decision-making.

    This program is for people specially referred by the government’s Alcohol and Drug Service (ADS). Referrals can also come from the Burnie Youth Alcohol and Drug Service (BYADS) and Youth Family And Community Connections (YFACC).


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – Statewide

    Referral process 

    Referrals are only received from

    • Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) – Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS)
    • Burnie Youth Alcohol and Drug Service (BYADS)
    • Youth Family And Community Connections (YFACC)

    In order to be referred to Care Coordination Services, you must be connected with ADS, BYADS or YFACC.

    Call – 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Tyson’s story

    “Before I started the Care Coordination program, my life was a mess. I used drugs, gambled my money, had nowhere to live and suffered from depression and anxiety.

    I started the program ten months ago. Since then things have improved heaps as a result of the support I got from my worker. I have somewhere secure to live, I’ve reduced drugs and gambling and I’ve got a more optimistic outlook on life.”


    Funded by the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Alcohol and drug treatment service

    ADATS is the Anglicare Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service. Our professional allied health workers will provide you with tailored treatment designed to support you to live free from substance dependence.

    If you are needing support addressing alcohol or other drug related issues, the ADATS approach to your care follows four steps. We’ll work with you to identify the treatment approach that will work best for you:

    • Screening and brief intervention: this is most often a single time-limited session, where you’ll get information and advice to help motivate you to make changes to your use of alcohol and/or drugs
    • Counselling: this is more intensive and over a longer period of time; counselling will support you to develop greater understanding of yourself and the role of alcohol and drugs in your life and how you see yourself; counselling will help you to make positive changes in your alcohol/drug use behaviours
    • Case Management: this will help you to engage in a range of support services to help improve your quality of life and bring about long lasting change.
    • Aftercare: if you’ve completed a recovery or rehabilitation program already, after care is treatment that helps to minimise the likelihood of lapses and help you get on your feet again through a coordinated approach to support from vocational, financial and other social support services

    In general, our approach recognises that your life is unique and that therefore our approach to your support – or combination of approaches – will be unique to you.


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – Statewide

    Referral process ​

    Call – 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Pete’s story

    “It was time to make a change. I was using all types of drugs – you name it, alcohol, dope, ice – I was using it. Anglicare is supporting me through all of this and everything else that comes up. My ADATS worker supports me and everything going on in my life. I really believe that I have the best chance possible now to stay off drugs and get my life in order. I actually feel that I have hope for the first time in a long time.”


    Supported by Primary Health Tasmania under the Australian Government’s Primary Health Networks Program.

  • Hepatitis prevention program

    Hepatitis is a potentially serious illness, but it’s treatable with the right education and support

    The Hepatitis Prevention Program provides services to reduce viral hepatitis in Tasmania. The ways we offer support includes:

    • Helping people access testing for blood borne viruses (with a focus on Hep B and Hep C)
    • Providing support for people as they undergo their Hep B and Hep C treatment
    • Provide people with an understanding about transmission and ongoing prevention. For some this may include getting a Hep B vaccination.

    New treatments can cure hepatitis C. 

    Download our HPP flyer here.


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – Statewide

    Referral process

    The Hepatitis Care and Support Service is available to clients primarily referred by Hepatology Clinics statewide. You can also ask your local GP for a referral or contact us directly and a worker can support you through the process.

    Call1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Brian’s story

    I had been living with Hep C for over 15 years and it was impacting on my health. I was feeling tired a lot of the time, and just felt unwell.

    I was often worrying how sick I might get if I didn’t get treatment.

    I was glad for the help while I was getting my Hep C under control.

    It was so worth it! The new treatment didn’t affect me like I had heard the old treatment did for others. I only had to take one tablet a day. There were no injections. I was still able to get on with my life while taking the tablets and it was only for 12 weeks!

    My worker gave me lots of help. Like driving me to my clinic appointments and supporting me through the tests that go along with treatment. They helped me to choose healthy, easy food and most of all were someone to talk to about how it was all going.

    Now I am healthy and hepatitis free!


    The Hepatitis Prevention Program is funded by the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Kids in focus

    If your family is affected by alcohol or other drugs, Kids in Focus offers support that helps you to focus on what really matters

    The Kids in Focus program provides support and counselling to families affected by the use of alcohol or other drugs.

    It supports you to make positive changes for yourself and your children. It is free, confidential and voluntary.

    We welcome people who are culturally and linguistically diverse, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and all types of families.


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – Statewide

    Referral process 

    Contact us if you, a family member or a client would like to access this service.

    Call – 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Belinda’s story

    “I was seeing a counselor and when I changed to seeing a Kids in Focus worker it made things so much better. I feel so supported.

    I know I can rely on the KIF worker. They never let me down or cancel. One of the best things is knowing that the KIF worker is there when I need them, even if it’s just a phone call. That really matters to me.

    I’ve been shown so much respect too. That helped me work through things myself. When someone believes in you it makes all the difference. 

    Three months down the track I can say that life is much better now. I’ve gotten through some trying times and I am really proud of where I am now.”


    Australian Government Department of Social Services

  • Needle and syringe program

    A confidential, free and friendly service with safe injecting equipment, disposal facilities and a 24-hr vending machine for people who inject drugs.

    The Needle and Syringe Program is a non-judgemental, confidential, friendly service with a range of injecting equipment, disposal facilities and resources for people who inject drugs. At NSP you’ll find specialised staff who can provide brief interventions, referrals, equipment demonstrations and information. At the Hobart NSP in Watchorn Street you’ll also find a 24-hour vending machine with equipment for $2. Otherwise opening hours are; Monday – Friday 12.30pm to 4.30pm at Watchorn Street or 10am to 4.30pm at Glenorchy.


    Cost to you – Free service. All our injecting equipment is also free except for sterile water ($0.50c and $0.30c ampoules), disposable tourniquets ($0.80c) and vending machine fitpacks ($2.00).

    Serving Regions – Statewide

    Referral process 

    There is no formal referral process.

    Call – 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Online – Contact form

    Drop in – See locations

    Luke’s story

    “I’m so happy to be able to walk in here and not only be able to get equipment, but also be understood. Sometimes things are hard but that’s when I know I can get support here. I lost a long-time friend from health complications on the weekend and I knew I could come in here and not be judged. It never gets any easier, believe me, but on the up-side I’m amazed at how much support I’ve had from everyone here. I’ve been offered free counselling as well. I’m feeling stronger.”


    Funded by the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services.

North/Northwest Tasmania

  • Family support service

    Family Support North-Northwest can help if you are affected by a family member or close friend using alcohol or other drugs.

    If someone in your family or close to you is using drugs or alcohol and you are being affected, we can help. Family Support Service offers free and confidential support to help you. We provide:

    • counselling on the phone or face-to-face
    • support – either long or short term
    • home visits
    • information
    • community education sessions

    No matter what your family arrangements are, you are welcome to use this service. It is available in the north and northwest of Tasmania.


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – Northern Tasmania and Northwest Tasmania

    Referral process

    Anyone who is affected by the alcohol or other drug use of a family member or someone close to them is eligible.

    Contact our service and we can provide a Referral Form by request.

    Online – Contact form

    Call (Northwest) – 03 6430 3333

    Call (North) – 03 6333 3000

    Call – 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Renee’s story

    “I grew up watching my father use alcohol to cope. I saw a lot of violence.

    I stopped going to school in the first year of high school and and no-one seemed to notice. I started hanging out with older people and drinking a lot and eventually I was using dope and ice. I had my first child at 17, I was homeless and addicted to drugs. My child’s father went to prison and I got into trouble with the law for stealing to support my habit.

    That’s when I came to Anglicare to get support.

    I wanted things to change. I saw a counsellor in the Family Support Service and started talking about the reasons I used drugs. I figured out I was trying to escape from my problems. I felt a lot of anger and shame. It was great to talk to someone who didn’t judge me. She helped me find a stable place to live, and she put me in touch with other professionals that could help. With her support I gave up using and started getting my life back on track. I realised a lot about myself and my past experiences.

    Now I have my child back and a place to call home. I go to school two days a week, and I started going o the gym. I have set goals for myself and hope to be a fitness instructor. My relationships with my family have improved. My father still uses alcohol to cope but now I know I can get support when I need it.

    It has been great to have someone to talk to. I can see how far I have come. Anglicare helped me turn my life around.”


    Tasmanian Health Organisation (South)

Eastern Tasmania

  • Break O'Day alcohol and other drug services

    Support, counselling and practical help if you are affected by alcohol or other drug issues and you live in the Break O’Day municipality.

    If you live in the Break O’Day municipal area and you are experiencing problems related to your own alcohol or other drugs use, or that of someone close to you, our service may be able to help.

    At the Break O’Day service we can offer you

    • counselling
    • practical support
    • help developing your skills

    You can have home visits if that suits you best.


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – Northeast Tasmania

    Referral process 

    For referral, please call Alcohol and Drug Services at the Department of Health and Human Services.

    To make a referral complete a standard Alcohol and Drug Service referral form and send it to Alcohol and Drug Service (North). A specialist Anglicare Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) worker will then be contacted. Anglicare’s AOD workers are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    Call – 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Fax BOD AODS – 03 6336 5567

    Call BOD AODS – 03 6777 1234

    Jayden’s story

    “I met the worker from Anglicare after I was cautioned by the police for possession of a cannabis plant. I thought it was going to be a rap over the knuckles and I just went to get it over and done with.

    But we talked about more than smoking dope.

    We talked about the separation from my long-term partner, and about the hassles my step-son was causing.  It was full-on and I even cried, but I walked out thankful for the opportunity to dump on someone else. I was treated with respect and I did not feel judged.

    I rang that worker the next week and I continued to see her regularly. We talked a lot and she helped me get things sorted out. Sometimes it was just to talk or for information on other local support people. She recommended I see a doctor and the medication I’ve started on really helps.

    I’ve got a job now, and have put the worst behind me.”


    Department of Health and Human Services

Southern Tasmania

  • Glenorchy illicit drug service

    If you are ready to minimise the harm caused by drugs and alcohol, there’s confidential help available for free

    The Glenorchy Illicit Drug Service (GIDS) provides information, education and counselling to young people who are using alcohol and other drugs. It is free, confidential, and completely voluntary. It also offers support to family members and friends affected by a young person’s drug use.

    This service is for young people aged 12-25 years, as well as their family members and friends. Based in Glenorchy, it is for people living in the area north of Creek Rd, New Town, including the Derwent Valley, Bridgewater and Gagebrook.

    What does this service provide?

    • someone to talk with
    • one-to-one counselling and support
    • help accessing other services
    • information and education
    • help with your family situation
    • links and referrals to other services
    • education sessions for schools
    • support services to the Tasmanian Prison Service


    Cost to you – Free service

    Serving Regions – Hobart, Northern suburbs

    Referral process 

    Clients must be aged between 12-25 years and live in the northern suburbs.

    Young people and family members are able to access GIDS directly by phoning the service on 03 6213 3636. Alternatively, organisations can call to speak with a GIDS worker or fax through a referral form on 03 6273 5866

    Call – 1800 243 232 (free from mobiles and landlines in Australia)

    Kath’s story

    “I am so glad I came along. I feel so much better. Would you believe I am not one for talking to anyone and I really thought twice about coming, but I am so glad I did.

    I feel so much better. It is so good to talk to someone who understands, really understands. You have helped me so much, you probably have saved my marriage because my husband and I have been arguing so much over our grandson’s drug use.

    Thanks to you, I can see we are at different levels of acceptance and he is still at the stage of making up reasons why he is using drugs whereas I’ve passed that and want him to take responsibility for his actions.

    We are more able to help our grandson now.”

It's not uncommon for people to want to cut down or stop using a substance, but find they're not able to. That's where tailored treatment can really help.

Anglicare’s drug and alcohol treatment service (ADATS) is free. Anyone can contact us directly or be referred through a medical professional.

We use evidence-based assessment and screening tools to determine the severity of use, and work out individual treatment plans. “This might be detox, therapeutic counselling, or a short-term intervention such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,” say’s Anglicare’s Linden Green.


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