Crisis accommodation for young men (south only)

Hands together supporting each other.


Anglicare provides crisis accommodation for young men aged 13 to 20 in southern Tasmania. At Youthcare you'll find support and assistance to reconnect with your family or to establish safe long term housing that suits you.​

Youthcare has safe crisis accommodation if you are

- male

- 13 to 20 years old

- homeless

- in southern Tasmania

Youthcare staff will provide you with support to plan what you would like to do next, and work with you to get the best possible outcomes for your situation.

Youthcare is located in Moonah.



Cost to you - Board is $60 per week

Serving Regions - Southern Tasmania


Referral process 

 Youthcare is a crisis service and can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to access a room if you need crisis accommodation.


Jake's story

"Things were really bad after dad died. Mum didn’t cope too well. I don’t think us kids helped but we were pretty sad about it too.   

Mum started drinking a lot and we stopped going to school and then we were all fighting a lot. My brothers and I got into a few good fights, not just with each other but with some of the kids down the road and at school. One day mum just snapped, she told me to pack my bags and get out or she’d call the cops. 

I didn’t know where to go. I talked to one of the social workers from school and they rang Youthcare. I ended up staying there for a couple of weeks. 

They were really great but I wanted to go home. Mum wasn’t keen to have me back. I guess I was pretty horrible to her before I left. The worker at Youthcare got mum in for a chat. They talked to us about getting some counselling and maybe even some counselling for my brothers as well. I’m still at Youthcare, but mum and I went and talked to a counsellor and we both want to work things out so I can go back home. Things are looking up."